Right Wing Begins To Eat Itself

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Here’s the thing about rampant fear — it’s rampant.  This is a perfect example of how islamophobia – now a staple of America’s right – has run amok.  Not only are conservatives freaking out about scary secret Muslims on the left; they are now seeing and fearing them on the right:

Glenn Beck is threatening to quit the National Rifle Association over the long-debunked conspiracy theory that NRA board member and conservative activist Grover Norquist is an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood. Beck has appeared as a speaker at the NRA annual meeting four times since 2008, three times as the keynote speaker.

For years, Frank Gaffney, a conservative media figure and the head of the Islamophobic think tank Center for Security Policy, has accused Norquist, an influential conservative activist who runs Americans for Tax Reform, of being “actively involved, both enabling and empowering, Muslim Brotherhood influence operations against our movement and our country.” Before targeting Norquist’s association with the NRA, Gaffney feudedwith organizers of the Conservative Political Action Conference over Norquist’s routine presence at the annual event. In 2011, Gaffney’s attacks on Norquist caused him to be banned from participating in CPAC.

Norquist is a shadowy, bearded figure who is trying to destroy America, but then again, so is Beck. They should settle this thing with a duel.