Virgin Plane With Landing Gear Problems

evs-xtaccess-29-dec-2014-cam-c-15h14m27s23-1-762x428Probably by the time you read this, it will be all over, but I’m following a story out of England:

Virgin Atlantic has confirmed there is a landing gear problem with a flight thought to be circling over the coast of Sussex.

The Boeing 747 jumbo is preparing for a “non standard landing” at Gatwick because of a “technical issue with one of the landing gears”, said a statement.

It is currently in a holding pattern near Newhaven, according to flight tracking website Flightradar24.

Experts believe the flight may have been dumping fuel.

Flight VS43 took off at 11.44am from Gatwick and was heading to Las Vegas.

UPDATE 10:37 EST:  Photo shows plane with landing gear out.  One appears to be askew:

Virgin plane problem

Virgin Atlantic says Flight VS43 will implement ‘non-standard landing procedure’ due to landing gear problem discovered after takeoff from London Gatwick Airport

UPDATE at 10:48 EST:  Live feed from Sky News — it appears to be down and safe

So all appears well, unlike the AirAsia plane that disappeared yesterday.  Good thing Fox News is on the case to blame the metric system for that:

What do you think?