Fast Thought On “The Newsroom” Season Three

Ken AshfordPopular CultureLeave a Comment

Most of the critics who dislike “The Newsroom” are members of the so-called “new media”, which (surprise surprise) Aaron Sorkin often uses as a target (not only in The Newsroom, but in The Social Network, Studio 60 and even as far back as The West Wing). Last night, Sorkin took another convincing swipe at “new media”, focusing on how Reddit and Twitter “covered” the hunt for the Boston Marathon bombers (i.e., badly if not irresponsibly, by misidentifying the bombing suspects).

Nobody watches the show anymore, but I think in the future people will discover “The Newsroom” and long for its message: we need media that is more concerned about being right in its reportage rather than being first.

And I don’t care what people say — it’s still the crispest, funniest show on television.