Michael Brown Implicated In Cigar Robbery

This morning, police identified Darren Wilson as the cop who fatally shot Michael Brown.

They also released surveillance photos showing Michael Brown shoplifting some cigars and man-handling the store owner.  This all took place hours before the shooting.


I'm not sure this changes the issue (although I know for many bigots, this is all they need).

Brown was an unarmed black man who shoplifted.  If the eyewitness accounts are true, he was shot while disengaged from a police officer, with his hands up.

UPDATE:  Aaaand we learn that police officer, Darren Wilson, wasn't even aware of the robbery when he confronted and killed Brown.

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  1. Muzakbox
    August 15, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    Shop lifting does not carry a death sentence as far as I know.

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