So Long It’s Been Good To Know You

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So… we're experiencing the deadliest outbreak of ebola in history.  It's so bad that the leading ebola doctor died yesterday.  Fortunately, it is all happening in Sierra Leone and other parts of Africa.

But then this happens:

Part of CMC ER roped off  officials say patient being tested


UPDATE:   They were checking out a patient who wanted to be checked out because s/he just came back from a country with infectious diseases (country and possible diseases unknown).

One Comment on “So Long It’s Been Good To Know You”

  1. I was working in Africa in the early 1970s when cholera came to the continent for the first time. Up till then, anyone suffering from cholera would die before they could get to Africa, but then a businessman from Calcutta got on a plane, got off in Africa and died, and it swept like wildfire across the continent, killing millions. Diseases are no longer subject to natural isolation, unfortunately.

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