Remember Ashleigh Banfield?

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She fits became well-known as a reporter for MSNBC, who happened to be in downtown Manhattan on 9/11. But a few years later, she gave a speech that basically lambasted Bush and the way the news covered (or failed to cover) Bush and the impending wars.  She was demoted and eventually, quietly, let go. She's clawing her way back — … Read More

Finally, The DOJ Steps In

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Justice Department to sue North Carolina over voting law By Holly Yeager, Published: September 29 | Updated: Monday, September 30, 12:01 AM The Justice Department will sue North Carolina on Monday over the state’s new voting law, according to a person briefed on the department’s plans, the latest move by the Obama administration to counter a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that officials have said threatens the voting … Read More

What Obamacare Will Cost You

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Okay, it's arrived (despite Ted Cruz's embarrassing attempt to kill it). Obamacare is here. For most of us who are employed, it'll probably mean some kind of change in our health coverage.  But of course, Obamacare wasn't meant for people who already had coverage; it was meant for those who didn't.  And when we are all covered, that works to everyone's benefit. So, … Read More

Ted Talks

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He talked throughout the night and is still going as of 10:00 AM: WASHINGTON — Condemned from all sides, Sen. Ted Cruz launched a talkathon Tuesday intended to cripple Obamacare but aimed — inconveniently — at a bill that would deliver exactly what he asked for. Cruz came to the Senate floor destined to lose, armed with a thick three-ring … Read More

A Cure For HIV On The Horizon?

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It looks like scientists have discovered a vaccine which removes SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus — the monkey equivalent of HIV) from primates. If SIV can be removed from monkeys, it shouldn't be long before HIV can be removed from humans.  I would think. P.S.  Reasons to be optimistic

Emmy Winners

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I didn't see the Emmys, and for a change, I actually wanted to.  I thought the match-ups were amazing, and it is really interesting to see how TV has changed in just two years.  A lot of people are watching the shows by streaming them — some nominated shows — like House of Cards or this season's Arrested Development could only be seen … Read More

Who’s Right?

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This is on the cusp of going viral, so weigh in. Backstory: GTA V (that's "Grand Theft Auto V") was released, and a lot of people had pre-ordered it from places like Gamestop.  At midnight of the release which was two days ago, people lined up at Gamestop (and other places) to get their reserved copy. So this one guy … Read More

Fictitious Journalist Tweets Are Awesome

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Anyone who reports on the debt ceiling without explaining the debt ceiling is doing a disservice to their audience and the American people. — Will McAvoy (@WillMcAvoyACN) September 18, 2013 What role could journalists have if not to inform the public of important issues facing the country and educate when they do not understand? — Will McAvoy (@WillMcAvoyACN) September 18, … Read More


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Yes, this is annoying. When Obama was making noises about bombing Syria, Republicans (and some Democrats) chastized him as being reckless. Now, thanks to Russia, it looks like we’re going to get the chemical weapons away from Assad, and we don’t have to bomb Syria. And those same Republicans are now criticizing Obama.  John? The Daily Show with Jon StewartGet … Read More

Common Sense Needs To Enter The Gun Debate

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People need to start asking some serious questions here: The shooting Monday at Washington’s Navy Yard that killed at least a dozen people occurred not only at a secure military installation but in a very secure building. Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier said the shooting took place in Building 197, the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems Command, a workplace … Read More