Virginia Foxx Doesn’t Know Much About Things

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Her tweet: Enough with the budgetary "Washington Exceptionalism." Families balance their budgets. Washington should too. #NC5 — Virginia Foxx (@virginiafoxx) March 20, 2013 Um…. Ginny? Families don't balance their budget.  Like businesses, they have debt, too.  Mortgages, car loans, etc. In fact: U.S. household consumer debt profile:     Average credit card debt: $15,266    Average mortgage debt: $149,667  … Read More


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President Obama has been taking a lot of hits on the right for not having visited Israel (despite the fact that he did visit Israel during the 2008 campaign).  "Anti-semite!" they cried.  And so on.  Even Romney raised it during the 2012 presidential campaign. I was never sure what the fuss was about.  Reagan never visited Israel.  Bush Sr. didn't either. … Read More

That’s Our Michele!

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So Michele Bachmann (R–Crazytown) gave a speech at CPAC this weekend in which she (a) slammed President Obama over his scandalous mishandling of Benghazi, and (b) slammed him again for his lavish White House lifestyle, including his use of a full-time dog walker.  Her entire speech was some serious bullshit, putting the fact checkers at WaPo on serious overtime.  In … Read More

Not Following Reibus’s Advice

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Just a week ago, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus was talking to Politico about how his party "has divorced itself from the American culture," and he hopes to change that. Priebus specifically talked about the pointless rhetorical shots at President Obama who does care about the culture: "[We] would make fun of the president for going on 'The View' — and you've heard me … Read More

The Re-Branded Republican Party Might Leave The Christian Right Behind

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… and they aren't happy about it: Some leaders of the religious right are openly worried this week after a sprawling 98-page report released by the Republican National Committee on how the party can rebuild after its 2012 implosion made no mention of the GOP's historic alliance with grassroots Christian "value voters." Specifically, the word "Christian" does not appear once … Read More

Jersey Boys Case: No Copyright Infringement

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This blog used to do a lot more law stuff — not so much anymore.  But I wanted to point to a case which highlights my interest in copyright law.  Today, the Ninth Circuit ruled against SOFA Entertainment in its lawsuit against Dodger Productions, the producers of "Jersey Boys". In Jersey Boys, a 7-second clip of Ed Sullivan (from the … Read More