More “How Guns Keep Us Safer” News

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From the Salt Lake City Tribune: Prominent Utah gun lobbyist’s AR-15 assault rifle stolen from his car Crime » Thief took the weapon from the lobbyist’s vehicle, police say. By Michael McFall First Published Mar 28 2013 08:45 pm • Updated 3 hours ago Police are looking for an assault rifle that someone stole from the vehicle of a prominent … Read More

GOP Minority Outreach Hits “”Wetback” Wall

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Congressman Don Young (R-AK) used the term “wetbacks” during an interview with a local Alaska radio station yesterday. Young also believes that Americans need to bring industry back to this country rather than relying on imports. Doing so would increase jobs, although he understands that automation has reduced the number of labor positions available. “My father had a ranch; we used to have … Read More

Prude Alert

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From Talking Points Memo: Parents in Dietrich, Idaho, aren’t very happy with the way science teacher Tim McDaniel is teaching their children human anatomy. That is to say, they’re unhappy that he is teaching them human anatomy at all. In a formal complaint made against the 18-year Dietrich School veteran by at least four parents, McDaniel is chided for using the … Read More

Gun Owners Show Up To Anti-Gun Rally Armed To The Teeth

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You want to talk about rights?  Let's talk about the First Amendment.  I feel pretty comfortable in saying that free speech is threatened (literally) when people show up with handguns, AR-15s, etc.   These selfish bastards obviously showed up armed with the intent to intimidate.  And intimidate it did. But that's not an argument against gun control; that's an argument … Read More

The World’s Worst Columnist Strikes Again

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Nobody can makes sense of Megan McArdle’s latest screed, mostly because it contains gems like this: In some sense, the sexual revolution is over . . . and the forces of bourgeois repression have won. That’s right, I said it: this is a landmark victory for the forces of staid, bourgeois sexual morality.  Once gays can marry, they’ll be expected to marry. … Read More

Today in the Supreme Court

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Early reports are that the Supreme Court is again concerned about standing in the DOMA case.  Roberts in particular noted that it was unusual for the executive branch to choose not to defend a law passed by Congress. So again, SCOTUS seems wary about even deciding the case. UPDATE: Final update: #scotus 80% likely to strike down #doma. J Kennedy suggests … Read More

Who Cares About The Effects Of Same-Sex Marriage?

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In the Wall Street Journal today, Nelson Lund opines: The Supreme Court is hearing two cases this week that represent a challenge to one of the oldest and most fundamental institutions of our civilization. In Hollingsworth v. Perry and United States v. Windsor, the court is being asked to rule that constitutional equal protection requires the government to open marriage to same-sex couples. The … Read More

Breaking News From Supreme Court… Already!

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11:07 – there's this tweet from SCOTUSblog a mere 27 minutes ago: Breaking: 1st update- #prop8 unlikely to be upheld; either struck down or #scotus won’t decide case. More in 30 mins. — SCOTUSblog (@SCOTUSblog) March 26, 2013 What does that mean?  Stay tuned. 11:15 — Uh oh Breaking: key vote Kennedy VERY uncomfortable striking down #prop8. Suggests dismissing case. … Read More

“The Polls Are Skewed”: Where Have We Heard This Before?

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\ That graph reflects not only the Washington Post-ABC poll, but pretty much every other poll on the issue of same-sex marriage. Wait… some evangelical has his hand up.  Yes, Mr. Bauer?   Right-wing evangelical operative Gary Bauer thinks it's "ludicrous" to say the public "overwhelmingly" supports marriage equality, or at least that's what he said this weekend on Fox … Read More

Oh Noes! Michelle Is In Trouble!!

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From The Daily Beast: The Hindenburg. The Titanic. Michele Bachmann. Eighteen months ago, the Minnesota House member was considered an unlikely but undeniable Republican rising star, winning the Iowa straw poll that unofficially begins the primary season. Today, she is embroiled in a litany of legal proceedings related to her rolling disaster of a presidential campaign—including a Office of Congressional Ethics investigation into campaign … Read More