The Stage Managed “Relief Effort”

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It was an awkward question: how does a campaign promise to cancel a political rally then hold it anyway? For Mitt Romney, it was simply a matter of rebranding. In Ohio, yesterday, the Republican wanted credit for being sensitive to the victims of Hurricane Sandy and canceling a scheduled rally. He also wanted to hold the rally. So the same … Read More

How Romney Is Losing Ohio

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By lying, and getting called out on it. It's not just Chrysler. A radio ad for Mitt Romney includes General Motors in his campaign's false claims that, because of President Barack Obama, American auto manufacturers will be moving jobs from the U.S. to China, and GM is not happy with Romney: "At this stage, we're looking at Hubble telescope-length distances between campaign … Read More


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Michael "Brownie" Brown, the former FEMA director famously known for botching Katrina in part by dragging his feet, accuses Obama of reacting too quickly to Sandy. Seriously. BTW, kudos to Republican governor Chris Christie.  “The president was great last night,” Christie said on FOX today. “He said he would get it done. At 2 a.m., I got a call fromFEMA to answer a … Read More

Awkward Quote Of The Day

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Romney's NOT campaigning today in Ohio, so listen to how he's talking to an audience today in Ohio at a Romney "storm relief event" after they show a Romney promotional film: “We’re counting on Ohio. I know the people of the Atlantic Coast are counting on Ohio and the rest of our states,” he said, after urging them to donate … Read More

Someone Wants Attention

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Because of the hurricane, I am extending my 5 million dollar offer for President Obama's favorite charity until 12PM on Thursday. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 30, 2012

Yes, Mitt Is Campaigning

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Mitt Romney has suspended his campaign out of concern and sympathy for Sandy, except… he hasn't. He's in Ohio right now, at a "storm relief event". Here's the press pass given to NPR's Ari Shapiro… It looks like a VICTORY RALLY to me. Here's a sign there…. Here's the Romney campaign video playing… And here's a Politico reporter reporting on … Read More

Enjoy The Satellites While We Have Them

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It's worth noting that those space images of Sandy that are not only cool but actually help scientists predicts its path and strength — well, they come from satellites which are nearing or past the end of their functional lives, and we have no replacement satellites scheduled to be launched for a few years. And if Republicans have their way … Read More

Best Tweet Ever

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WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i'm calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace. — Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) October 29, 2012

Financial Markets Closed Tomorrow

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This is the first time since 1885 that financial markets have been closed two days in a row due to weather. Meanwhile, in Red Hook, Brooklyn…. Also, Sandy this morning, from space… Dangling crane on 57th Street — look out below! FDR drive today… *  Tall ship "Bounty" reported sunk off NC And then there's this:

“It’s The Hurricane Disaster Relief Effort… Brought To You By Federal Express!”

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With Sandy bearing down on us, it's important to remember that Romney thinks things like FEMA should be left to the states and/or privatized.   In this clip, Romney was asked at a debate for the Republican presidential candidates about emergency-response efforts, and he suggested FEMA should be shuttered, moving responsibility to the states. "Absolutely. Every time you have an … Read More

Absolutely-Real Not-At-All Fake Video Of Ann Dunham Giving Birth To Barack Obama

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Here it is.  Proof!  Absolutely proof that Obama was indeed born in Kenya.    Here's the story behind to absolutely-real not-at-all-fake video. And you can tell it's real because filming births on Super 8 film was so commonplace in 1961. Also, the medical chart (right next to a Kenyan flag) conveniently says that the Woman giving birth is Ann Dunham. … Read More

Seriously, Folks. This Is Looking Bad.

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“MODELS SHOW PRESSURE WELL BEYOND WHAT HAS EVER BEEN OBSERVED NEAR THE NJ/NY COAST (EVEN EXCEEDING THE 1938 LONG ISLAND EXPRESS [HURRICANE])” writes NOAA’s Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC). Connecticut meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan noted there has only been one tropical storm with the pressure below 960 mb in the last 60 years in the Northeast. Bob Henson of the University Center for Atmospheric Research adds: … Read More