Rick Perry’s Campaign Crashes Live On National TV

This is what happened:


This is how Perry's "stock" was trading on Intrade immediately after Perry's "Bill Buckner" moment:

Here's the thing: the real gaffe in my mind wasn't that he couldn't remember that he wanted to totally dismantle the Department of Energy (as well as Commerce and Education); the real gaffe is that he ACTUALLY proposes doing those things. 

I mean, has anyone considered what that would actually mean?  

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  1. Bill
    November 10, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    Well, Energy and Education are fairly clear – why would a Texan care about good education and accept the regulation of energy production?

    Commerce surprised me. Commerce includes NOAA, which does a bang-op job warning Texans about some pretty nasty hurricanes. Commerce also includes the patent office, a linchpin of a robust industrial society.

    Do Texans know that their governor is so cavalier about their safety and prosperity?

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