Dick Van Dyke And Celebrity Bios

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Blogger Lance Mannion is underwhelmed by Dick Van Dyke's memoir "My Lucky Life", in part because Dick Van Dyke is too decent a guy to engage in gossip.  And not just mean gossip, but "inside baseball" stuff. Well, it's Dick Van Dyke.  He's a decent enough guy.  I wouldn't expect him to give dirt or a deep inside look.  This … Read More

Netflix Will Now Let You Adjust Your Quality So You Can Avoid Data Caps

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If you watch a ton of Netflix, you probably get pretty close to reaching your internet provider's bandwidth caps—especially if your provider has especially low limits. If you're regularly straddling that line, you can now head into Netflix's Account Settings and change the quality of your video to lessen the amount of data you use. They give you three presets: Good, Better, … Read More

I Don’t Understand….

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…. the compulsion to burn your city down just because your local sports teams loses in the finals. First of all, they made it to the finals, so that makes them better off than say, most teams in the league. And secondly, what good does the burning actually, you know, do?

The Long National Obsession Is Over

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Weiner is stepping down. Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York will step down from office amid intense pressure from congressional Democrats following his admission of risque online chats and photo swaps with multiple women and lying about it, sources tell ABC News. Weiner, 46, has begun sharing his decision with close friends, the sources said, but has not yet sent … Read More

Spiderman Finally Opens; No Longer The Worst Musical Ever

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But what it is, is this: This singing comic book is no longer the ungodly, indecipherable mess it was in February. It’s just a bore. –  Ben Brantley, New York Times The show actually sounds better than when I saw it in previews.  They took out the overbearing and pompous Arachne plot, as well as the insufferable "Geek Chorus".  It looks … Read More

Breaking: Walker Opinion On Prop 8 Upheld

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WSJ: SAN FRANCISCO—A federal judge has upheld a gay judge's ruling to strike down California's same-sex marriage ban. Chief U.S. District Judge James Ware said Tuesday that former Chief Judge Vaughn Walker did not have to divulge whether he wanted to marry his own gay partner before he declared last year that voter-approved marriage ban was unconstitutional. Lawyers for backers … Read More

Rapture Guy Has Stroke

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Thankfully, it was a mild one. Because he's got some more 'splainin' to do when his LAST explanation falls through: When the apocalypse failed to occur on May 21, Camping was widely mocked and he called it "a very difficult time." He has since insisted that his prediction was overall correct. On May 24 he clarified that a "spiritual" Judgment … Read More

Today in Prop 8 News

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Just to recap. Prop 8 was a California ballot initiative that banned same sex marriages in California.  Well-funded by out-of state bigots (like the Mormons), it narrowly passed in 2008. But then Prop 8 was challenged in state court for being unconstitutional.  But the California courts upheld Prop 8. After the California Supreme Court upheld the voter initiative, another suit, Perry … Read More

My Sarah Palin E-mails

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They’re releasing 24,000 emails from the time when Sarah Palin was governor of Alaska.  And because that’s a lot of emails to sift through, many news organizations have been asking people to sign up, and help them sift through them quickly to find the fun stuff. Which I did. The emails are being released, but my batch hasn’t come in … Read More