Jean D’Whiner

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I saw the headline: Sarah Palin likened to Joan of Arc in two-hour documentary film and it didn't take long before I read this: A new film commissioned by Palin, the former governor of Alaska, will present her as a Joan of Arc-like figure beset at every turn by vicious leftwing enemies seeking to thwart her ambition of reviving the conservative … Read More

Google Wallet

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It's here.  Your phone will soon replace your wallet: You’ll be able to tap, pay and save using your phone and near field communication (NFC). We’re field testing Google Wallet now and plan to release it soon. Google Wallet is a key part of our ongoing effort to improve shopping for both businesses and consumers. It’s aimed at making it … Read More

Oh, For Crying Out Loud

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Harold Camping has already copped to the fact that his May 21 apocalypse prediction was incorrect. But while he confesses he got some of the particulars wrong, he hasn't given up completely; he now claims he made an error in his calculations, and that the apocalypse will come five months from now, on October 21. AP continues: It was not … Read More

Born-Again Believers Have Smaller Brains

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Hey, I'm just passing this on: The study, which examined the hippocampus region of the brain, found that Protestants who did not have a "born again" experience had significantly more gray matter than either those who reported a life-changing religious experience, Catholics, or unaffiliated older adults. The study, funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Templeton Foundation, included at least two MRI measurements … Read More

Why You Should Care About NY-26

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Last night, in the 26th District of New York, a special election was held to fill the vacant congressional seat of Republican Chris Lee, who resigned in February (following a sex scandal where he advertised a shirtless photo of himself on Craigslist). The 26th District, in upstate New York, is very Republican. To give some perspective, the district, which spans from … Read More

Joplin, MO

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Horrifying.  89 dead so far, including a co-worker of mine who lost his mother — apparently a wall collapsed on her as his brother held to protect her. Death toll expected to rise.  

Camping “Bewildered”

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ABC: Harold Camping is "mystified" and "a little bewildered" today that the Rapture did not go as he predicted, an associate of the California preacher told ABC News. Tom Evans, a board member of Camping's Family Radio International, said today that Camping's wife told him her husband is at their home in Oakland and has no intention to speak or issue any statement … Read More

Oh, Crap! The World Is Ending Sooner Than We Think!

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The Atlantic magazine just spoke to Harold Camping, the guy heading up the Rapture tomorrow, to get clarification on the exact time of the Rapture: The end of the world will be at exactly 6 p.m. on May 21, 2011, says Camping, who along with his organization, Family Radio, are behind those billboards across the country forecasting the Rapture this Saturday. The … Read More

Head Of Tomorrow’s Rapture Movement Says “Blame The Gays”

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Yup. Today Harold Camping, the Gollum-eared leader of the bizarre 'May 21 – End of the World' movement, explains in the following video that the imminent Rapture is actually all gay people's fault. That's right, God doesn't like 'them.' So, after 6,000 years, or 4.5 billion years, He's about to enact the Final Solution. Starting tomorrow He's going to torture almost every … Read More