Dumbest Quote About Libya

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I'm not crazy about our intervention in Libya, and I'm among those who think the action is unconstitutional (not that anyone cares anymore about the War Powers Clause — that was dead letter law decades ago). But this criticism of Obama is just plain stupid.  It comes from Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX): But then when you find out we're being sent … Read More


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Eliminating the last panel from any Peanuts cartoon plunges Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and the whole gang into a pit of existentialist despair. Yeah, there's a website devoted to this.

TV Recommendation

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NOVA tonight… entitled Japan’s Killer Quake.   It's only been a few weeks, and yet the events in Japan are already receding into the memory's past for those outside the ravaged country.  The NOVA special will help us remember that the whole catastrophe is far from over. From all accounts, it is not disaster porn (although there is, of course, non-gory footage … Read More

Is America Waking Up?

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Suddenly, the majority of Americans realize that Fox News isn't a reliable source: In the space of one year, Fox News has lost its perch as the most trusted TV news network in the US and is now average at best, a new survey has found. A poll gauging public trust in TV news has found that PBS is the most … Read More

Yeah, THAT’LL Work!

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Waste of money: An advertisement for Winston-Salem will soon be in the advertising center of the U.S. — Times Square. The billboard in the Big Apple will entice people to visit Winston-Salem for a weekend trip to experience a different kind of city. The five-second add will run 120 times, with a potential viewing audience of more than one million … Read More

100 Years Ago Today

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Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire, March 25, 1911, New York, New York. Good source material at Cornell's site. Important because it changed the way New York, and then the rest of the country, viewed labor.  Ushered in a whole slew of laws relating to fire safety measures and conditions in factories. 146 died: Adler, Lizzie, 24 Altman, Anna, 16 Ardito, Annina, 25 … Read More

The Best News Evah In The History of Everything

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Michelle Bachmann is putting together an exploratory committee to decide if she should run for president in 2012. Which usually means, she's running for president in 2012. Politics might actaully become funny again. Steve Benen's more serious take: It's probably fair to say that most reasonable political observers, regardless of party or ideology, would agree that Michele Bachmann is stark … Read More

Quote Of The Day

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The apparent frivolity of "Friday" is only its most cunning aspect, a bubble-gum Trojan horse containing a radical text throwing itself against the gears of a death-bound society. And in Ms. Black’s voice we hear the full cry of a revolutionary age, Benghazi echoing across Orange County, the ancient wail of all who have ever wanted more. — blogger Dana … Read More

Blame MST3K For “The Female Bieber”

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Her name is Rebecca Black, and she rose to instant Internet fame last weekend with this video….   And what propelled this video to go viral?  MST3K's Mike Nelson is given credit/blame… thanks to this tweet. Thanks, Mike.  Not!