The Data Decade

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I think historians will look back at the 2000s and call it The Data Decade, and here's why: –Percentage of U.S. households with a broadband connection in 2000: 6.3% –Percentage of U.S. households with a broadband connection in 2008: 63% –Number of e-mails sent per day in 2000: 12 billion –Number of e-mails sent per day in 2009: 247 billion … Read More

Top Ten Things of 2009 That I Would Like NOT To See in 2010 Thankyouverymuch

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(10)  People getting rewarded for doing bad jobs.  I'm talking mainly Wall Street executives and people who run their company into the ground, then get bailed out by taxpayers, and then get huge bonuses as part of their executive compensation package (9) People who cannot deal with the fact that Obama is President.  The birth certificate thing has played itself out.  … Read More

What’s The Fuss About Full Body Scanning Equipment In Airports?

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Conservatives hate it and the ACLU hates it.  And for the same reason: privacy invasions.  I'm talking about very modern scanning devices in airports which allow TSA authorities to see what you may be carrying under your clothes, without you having to actually remove your clothes.  Nobody seems to like these things, which is why Democrats and Republicans in Congress … Read More

And America Admires….

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Barack Obama the most.  It's a blowout according to this USA Today/Gallup poll.  He's at 30% compared to the runner up George Bush, with a paltry 4%. And for women, Hillary Clinton beat out Sarah Palin, 15% to 14% Cue conservative head explosions.

Sick Of This

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I could have picked any number of conservative pundits harping on the same theme.  But I'll take Byron York over at the Washington Examiner.  He writes: Some Obama defenders are sending around new articles from the Huffington Post and the Politico arguing that President Obama is being subjected to a double standard of criticism for his handling of the Detroit … Read More

Ricky Gervais Scares Elmo?

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This is one of the best things I've read on the Intertubes in a while. Basically, it is an article on a parenting website called Parentdish.  The author focuses on a Sesame Street skit in which Ricky Gervais appears at Elmo's bedside to sing him a lullaby. Read the article, watch the video, and then read the comments.  Here.

The Odds Of Inflight Terror

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Really, I think too much is being made of the Christmas Airflight Underwear Bomber (as I now call him).  Yes, it was almost successful, and yes, maybe we can always beef up our homeland security here and there. But let's not get spastic.  It's not like this is going to start happening every freaking day.  And here's a big chart … Read More

Speaking Too Much

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Sometimes, even in innocuous posts, the writers at National Review Online reveal their true nature.  Take for example this seemingly harmless excerpt from a post by Mike Potemra at National Review Online: Coincidentally, I have over the past couple of months been watching DVDs of Star Trek: The Next Generation, a show I missed completely in its run of 1987 to … Read More

GOP Hypocrisy Alert

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The Republican exploitation of the failed terrorist airline bombing attempt continues.  Perhaps none of it is worse than the exploitation by right-wing Congressman and gubernatorial aspirant Peter Hoekstra (R-MI).  He sent out a fund-raising letter today (the text of which can be found here), which says in part: For almost a decade I have been a leader on National Security … Read More

And While The Right Is Quick To Condemn Obama For The Almost Terrorist Attack…

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…perhaps they should read this: Two of the four leaders allegedly behind the al Qaeda plot to blow up a Northwest Airlines passenger jet over Detroit were released by the U.S. from the Guantanamo prison in November, 2007, according to American officials and Department of Defense documents. Hmmmm.  Refresh my recollection someone.  Who was President in November 2007? You see, … Read More