The GOP Divide

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There's a lot of information to be gleaned from this Washington Poll.  Most of it isn't terribly surprising — for example, Republicans really really really don't like Obama.  In this sense, the Republicans are united.  In fact, Republicans appear to be very united in what they don't like, including their dissatisfaction with their own party (In 2005, 76% of Republicans … Read More

Bad News For Huckabee 2012 Campaign

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That shooter (still on the loose) who shot and killed four cops in Tacoma?  The suspect's name is Maurice Clemmons and: Nine years ago in Arkansas, The Seattle Times reported, Mr. Clemmons was released from prison after Gov. Mike Huckabee commuted his lengthy prison sentence, over the protests of prosecutors. Late Sunday night, Mr. Huckabee’s political action committee released a … Read More

The Cutest Video Ever?

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God knows the Internet is full of cute, so I tend to ignore it all, at the risk of serious cute overload.  Still, this is probably the cutest thing out there:

White House Crashers

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First balloon boy, now the White House crashers – seems people will do anything to get on reality TV. Can't we just outlaw the practice of trying to make yourself a media sensation? Or better yet, can't we just make reality TV illegal? UPDATE:  Some depressing stats and thoughts from the New York Times — Once you throw in the ever-expanding … Read More

Potential Terrorist Caught In Ohio Making Bomb

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You know why you haven't heard this story? Because the would-be terrorist wasn't Muslim and didn't have a funny-sounding name. He was an extreme right-winger teabagging anti-government type: CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio – Following a pipe bomb explosion Monday night, police and federal law enforcement officials are trying to figure why a Center Avenue man turned his apartment into a bomb … Read More

Can Someone Factcheck This?

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From Raw Story: In an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity Tuesday night, the onetime Bush spokesperson attacked President Barack Obama's administration for not labeling the recent killings at Ft. Hood a terrorist attack. She then took one step further — and claimed there had been no terrorist attacks under President George W. Bush. "We did not have a terrorist … Read More

Christian Side Hug

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For those of you who, like me, think that hip-hop/rap has been around waaaaay too long, I have some good news: that particular musical genre has officially died with this Christian rap song called "Christian Side Hug": The side hug is a safe "Christian" way to show affection because, as we all know, the full frontal hug often leads to … Read More

Pardoning Courage

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If you're into that sort of thing, the White House is pardoning a turkey at 11.28 a.m. today, and you can view it live on the White House website here.  The turkey's name is "Courage", and he's from North Carolina. In the meantime, here's a classic scene from The West Wing where CJ asks President Bartlet to pardon a second … Read More

Census Worker Death Ruled A Suicide

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Kentucky state police have ruled that Bill Sparkman, the census worker found dead with a rope around his neck and "fed" scrawled on his chest, was a suicide. Sparkman apparently made his suicide look like a murder in the hopes that his son would get a pay out from his insurance policies.

President Lou Dobbs?

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Yup, he's mulling a White House run in 2012. He's smarter than Palin; I'll give him that.  And caters to the same crowd.  He'll probably run as an independent third party candidate though.  He doesn't stand a chance, especially in a country with 25% non-white voters. I think 2012 is going to be interesting in a popcorn eating kind of … Read More