Sarah Gets Pranked

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This is a real phone call to Sarah Palin.  She thinks she's talking to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, but she's actually talking to two Quebecian DJs who pull pranks.

Stupidity Among Teachers

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The full story is here, but it boils down to this: 1.  Art teacher tells students to draw a scary mask in art class. 2.  One student draws this: (The art teacher even helped with the shading of the eyelids). 3.  Student gets in hot water for the "troubling" drawing, and isn't allowed back into school until he undergoes psychiatric … Read More


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First Read:  NORTH CAROLINA: Some said fresh polling in North Carolina suggested that incumbent GOP Elizabeth Dole had fallen further behind since airing an ad that tried to tie Democratic rival Kay Hagan to atheists." ****** Hagan's response ad, by then way, is masterful.  Especially the "bearing false witness" part.  With one phrase, she rebuts the criticism that she's an atheist, and she … Read More

The November Surprise?

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With 3 days until Election Day, the story of the day apparently is the discovery that Obama has an aunt, a Kenyan woman who is the half-sister of Obama's biological father who he only knew for a month, and this aunt is an illegal immigrant living in Boston. I'm not sure why this should be a game-changer. Obama didn't know … Read More

Worry Vapors

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I see this a lot, too.  The New York Times does a feature on it.  The article starts with a look at Jon Downs, a liberal Democrat in New Hope, PA., who constantly checks his computer for latest polls. “Look, I have this sense of impending doom; we’ve had a couple of elections stolen already,” Mr. Downs said. “The only thing … Read More

Official McCain Campaign — Complete With KoolAid Stains

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Marc Ambinder has the full memo from Rick Davis, Campaign Manager of the McCain campaign.  It was released yesterday. I just wanted to highlight a few of his points: All the major polls have shown a tightening in the race and a significant narrowing of the numbers. In John McCain's typical pattern, he is closing strong and surprising the pundits. … Read More