Your Marching Orders

Ken AshfordElection 2008, Local InterestLeave a Comment

(1)  Go to a one-stop voting site.

(2)  Bring with you and present an acceptable form of identification.

(3)  Fill out a voter application form.

(4)  Vote Democratic!  But remember, voting straight ticket Democrat does not include the races for President or any of the judicial races, so don't forget Obama or any of your Democratic Judges.

* First, cast your vote for Obama for President.

* Then, vote the Straight Democratic ticket. Although if you vote straight party ticket you may miss voting for a qualified independant who is running unaffiliated. (In Moore County for example, we have Tony Berk running una for the District Attorney job because he feels that postition should not be politicized) AND you will have the satisfaction of filling in that bubble for each and every Democratic candidate. (As a few here have expressed)

* Finally, Flip the ballot over and vote for the Democratic judges on the reverse side.

[I usually early vote; it's quick, easy, and almost no lines.  But I think this year, I want to do it on the big day.]