If McCain Loses….

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…expect any and all of the following excuses:

(1)  McCain received unfair press from the lie-beral media, which was "in the tank" for Obama.  For example, the media never fully exposed the Obama-Ayers connection.

(2)  The pollsters (all of them) were pro-Obama.

(3)  The polls were inaccurate; they made people think Obama was winning, and that caused discouraged Republicans to stay home and not vote.

(4)  The election was stolen by groups like ACORN, who committed voter fraud by registering thousands of bogus voters.

You can already see the groundwork being laid for these pathetic attempts at future Monday-morning quarterbacking.

But let's take them one at a time.

(1)  The excuse of a lie-beral media is almost laughable.  First of all, it ignores Fox, will-traveled sites on the Internet, talk radio, and the like, as well as countless appearance by conservatives who, without media help, shoot themselves in the foot.  Secondly, this excuse works on the premise that the "liberal" media, to the extent it exists, somehow influences voters.  If that's the case, then how does one explain Bush's victories in 2000 and 2004?  Was there no liberal media, or were voters unpersuaded by it?  Thirdly, the strengths/weaknesses of the candidates were exposed unfiltered to voters in the form of three presidential debates and two conventions.

As for "exposing" the Obama-Ayers connection, conservatives have to realize that the mere act of raising suspicions about their "connection" (i.e., "Just what IS the truth about Obama and Ayers?") doesn't mean there actually IS — in REALITY — something nefarious.  Every media outlet that has looked into it has discovered that they knew each other through mutual service on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Foundation, that Ayers did NOT have a fundraiser for Obama (just a meet-and-greet), that Obama did NOT launch his political career in Ayers' living room, and that Obama wrote a blurb for Ayers' book.  If there were more, wouldn't it have come out by now?  Is there ANYTHING to suggest that Obama supported the actions of The Weather Underground movement back in the 1960's (when Obama was eight)?

Perhaps McCain supporters should start warming themselves to the possibilitythat Obama is NOT aterrorist through his minor associations with Ayers, and that's why the media hasn't been able to report it that way.  It has nothing to do with the media being "in the tank" for Obama; it has to do with, you know, the facts.

(2)  Similarly, it is ridiculous to conjecture that multi-million dollar businesses specializing in opinion research are going to commit corporate suicide by knowlinglyreleasing made-up polls.  And of course, this meme ignores the fact that even Fox News polls show Obama ahead.

(3)  Yeah, polls are, by their nature, not an exact science.  Anyone with a passing knowledge of statistics understands this, and understands that "margins of error" are relevant.  However, when EVERY national poll shows Obama ahead by anywhere from 4 to 11 points, one CAN rightfully conclude with a certain degree of comfort, that Obama actually IS ahead.  That's just the facts (albeit facts with caveats), and what voters choose to do with those facts (including, staying home and not voting) is hardly something that can be blameworthy on the polls themselves.

(4)  I've dealt with this before.  The fraud was committed against ACORN, not by it.  ACORN volunteers were charged with the task of getting low-income people registered to vote.  The volunteers were paid based on the number of names they got registered.  Sadly, some ACORN people submitted fake and phony names, in order to benefit financially.  But ACORN organizers caught them and turned them in, which is how we know about it the first place.

And most importantly, even IF there is a non-existent registered voter whose name appears in the voter rolls, it won't make a wit of difference unless that voter shows up to VOTE on election day, complete with fake ID and SSN.  Any allegations of that?  Any allegations of "Mickey Mouse" being able to vote this election?  We'll wait and see, but I suspect not.  For a nice summary of the ACORN "controversy", go here] [Interesting sidenote:  conservative bloggers and the GOP, ever on the lookout for conspiracy, tagged New Mexico as a place where non-existent people are registered to vote.  Their Exhibit A?  There is a "voter" from Albuquerque registered under the name "Duran Duran" — obviously a bogus non-existent person.  Except, whoops…. there really is a person living in Albuquerque named "Duran Duran".]


So here's an open message to McCain supporters: Open yourself up to the possibility that McCain will have lost because….. he LOST.  It's a distinct possibility.  After all, most of you McCain supporters were never that crazy about him to begin with.  Remember?