Google Street Me

Ken AshfordPersonalLeave a Comment

For those interested, the Google Street View people must have swung through my neighborhood this summer.

Check out the Google map of my home address, and then click "Street View".  Then click on the little "yellow man" icon to see the view from my street.  You will see this:


I know, you can't make it out.  The sun was behind my house that day.  The mailbox is barely visible (I replaced that mailbox in August), and the driveway (between the mailbox and the phone utility box thingee) is barely visible.  My house itself is totally obscured by the tree in the center of the photo.

On Google Maps, you can drag the little man around to try to change the view, but the other views aren't any better.

I guess I'm surprised, because there are quite a few areas of the country haven't been Google Street Viewed yet. (See map of the east coast below -covered areas are in blue)