Where The Hell Is Matt? (Again)

Ken AshfordYoutube1 Comment

I don’t know why I find these videos so awesome, but I do.

Two years ago, I posted a video of a guy named Matt Harding, dancing all over the world.  The video has been viewed on Youtube over 9,000,000 times.  Here’s the video again:

Well, the globetrotting Matt was at it again in 2008, and came out with a 2008 video a few days ago.  It’s been viewed on Youtube over 1.5 million times already.  This time, the Internet sensation has been joined by a cast of hundreds.  This is guaranteed to make you smile (again).

Nice life…

UPDATE:  Brett (in the comments) is right…. this is great because it’s (a) silly and (b) has an uplifting one-world feel to it.