Meanwhile Back East…

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BildesnowRoofs are collapsing in New England.  It’s so bad that the New York Times has taken notice:

LACONIA, N.H. — It has been a great winter for skiers in central and northern New England, but the heavy snowfall has become a nightmare for municipal budgets and the owners of dozens of buildings whose roofs have collapsed.

A mill complex under renovation in Laconia, a building at a summer camp in Concord, N.H., and a Wal-Mart distribution center in Lewiston, Me., are among the buildings whose roofs have collapsed in the last three days under the weight of snow made denser by rain and ice from a storm that swept through this week. Schools across the region have closed because of weakened roofs.

“I’ve lived here for years, and I’ve never seen damage like this,” said the Rev. Shirley Marcroft, who with her husband, Dave, is pastor of New Life Church in Campton, N.H. The church’s roof caved in and part of the building collapsed Wednesday night because of the snow.

Ms. Marcroft said the food pantry lost $4,000 worth of provisions she bought last week.

And from today’s Concord Monitor:

Two more buildings have added to the rash of roof collapses in Concord in the past month. Most of a multi-purpose building at Camp Spaulding was flattened to the ground under the weight of snow and ice, and a garage on South Main Street partially collapsed.

Two families were evacuated for the night from abutting apartments while engineers assessed the damage

Paul Smith Elementary School in Franklin also was closed yesterday after custodians noticed part of the roof sagging, the Associated Press reported.

Concord Fire Marshal Sean Toomey warned that snow becomes denser as it melts. While it may look as if there is less on a roof, the amount there may be heavier, he said.

The roof on a large garage attached to the back of 59 S. Main St. partially collapsed yesterday evening under more than 2 feet of snow. The storefront of the building is home to Main Street Payday Advance. There are two apartments in back. Electricity was cut off, and the building closed for the night.

I remember some pretty sever winters when I was a kid in Concord, but as I got older, the winters got milder.  But even when the snows were bad and heavy, I don’t think I recall hearing things being this bad.