“No Duh” Headline Of The Day

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Manager: Spears has ‘mental issues’

[Note:  I don’t mean to suggest that Ms. Spears is, you know, batshit insane, nor do I find merriment in that.  It’s just that — well shoot.  She’s practically a kid, she’s got all kinds of fame and money and no idea how to handle either, she’s going through a very public divorce and custody battle, she’s a constant punchline for late nite comics, CNN breaks into live coverage whenever she gets in a car, and — oh yeah — the papparazzi is literally stalking her and taking nude videos of her.  Is she responsible for her current status?  Sure, to some extent.  But not all of it.  In any event, that’s a lot of pressure on one person.  Frankly, there would be something wrong with her if she didn’t have mental issues as a result.]