Gosh I Hate To Be Cynical…

Ken AshfordElection 2008Leave a Comment

…especially about Edwards on a day when he merits well-deserved kudos for a great campaign, but

"It is time for me to step aside," said Edwards, ending his second campaign in a hurricane-ravaged section of New Orleans where he began it more than a year ago. “With our convictions and a little backbone we will take back the White House in November.”

Edwards said Clinton and Obama had both pledged that “they will make ending poverty central to their campaign for the presidency.”

“This is the cause of my life and I now have their commitment to engage in this cause,” he said before a small group of supporters. He was joined by his wife Elizabeth and his three children, Cate, Emma Claire and Jack.

Edwards said that on his way to make his campaign-ending statement, he drove by a highway underpass where several homeless people live. He stopped to talk, he said, and as he was leaving, one of them asked him never to forget them and their plight.

Hard. To. Swallow.

P.S.  That said, it was a good speech.

EeP.P.S.  Over at The American Prospect, Ezra Klein writes about John and Elizabeth Edwards.  He posts a photo of Elizabeth Edwards.  Although he may not know it, the photo was taken when she appeared at Bethabara Park last September.  I’m the out-of-focus dude wearing a cap, standing behind her, behind the post.