Ashamed Of My Gender

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F***in’ idiot:


SALEM, N.H. — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was about to deliver a line that has become a centerpiece of her campaign since her loss in Iowa.

“Everybody in this race is talking about change. But what does that mean?”

“Iron my shirt!” yelled a man, who stood up in the middle of a jammed and stuffy auditorium at a high school in Salem, N.H., and held up a yellow sign with the same text. He repeated it over and over.

Mrs. Clinton asked for the lights to be turned on, and the shirt man was removed along with another man who had stood up too.

“Oh, the remnants of sexism are alive and well,” Mrs. Clinton said.

When everyone had settled down a bit, she said, “As I think has just been abundantly demonstrated, I am also running to break through the highest and hardest glass ceiling.”

Her words were drowned out by a cheering, now-standing crowd.

“That’s one of the things I love about it,” she said. “It’s never predictable.”

To be totally honest, I don’t know what "Iron my shirt" is supposed to mean.  I guess it means that women are supposed to do household chores and not run for President.  But you have to wonder about a guy who holds a sign like that.  Doesn’t that say more about him than about any candidate?  What?  He can’t iron a shirt himself?

I’d like to meet him, but more than that, I’d like to meet his wife/girlfriend.  Oh, right.  Probably don’t exist.

UPDATE:  A radio show prank?