Rudy Charged The Taxpayers For His Booty Calls

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Can’t be good news for the Giuliani campaign UPDATE:  Uh oh.  Major media is picking up on it. I understand the need, when he was mayor, to have 24 hour security.  But if it was so on the up-and-up, why were his proctection expenses billed to obscure city offices, like the Office for People With Disabilities?  What did that bureau … Read More

Better Journalism Please, Part II

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AmericaBlog sums it up: This piece on Obama is just mind-bogglingly awful. Essentially, this is the summary: "There are a bunch of vicious rumors online about Obama. Obama denies them, but some random people interviewed assume they’re true. Because these random people think the smears might be true, we’ll tell you all about the smears, but without saying that they’re … Read More

The GOP CNN/Youtube Debate

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The right blogosphere is going apoplectic because a couple of the questioners in last night’s debates were (in their words) "plants".  Meaning, that the questioners lean toward Hillary or Obama or something. In other words, the questioners didn’t lob softball questions at the GOP candidates. Apparently, the "winner" was Huckabee, who looks destined for an Iowa victory, if trends continue.

Distressing News

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America Family Association informs us that — and I quote — "Kohl’s has banned Christmas". I wasn’t aware that Kohl’s had that kind of authority, but apparently they do.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Opens Tomorrow

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Preview here. I’m really too close to it to step back and say whether it is good or not.  I’m pretty pleased with it though.  I was very lucky to have Kelly Wallace play Grace (the mother who gets saddled with running the pageant) and Sarah King as Beth (Grace’s daughter, and the narrator).  Both of them are real pros, … Read More


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Strangeness: Nine months ago …shopping bags, backpacks and purses were left around the subway system, then stealthily watched by undercover officers. They arrested anyone who took the items and walked past a police officer in uniform without reporting the discovery. Now, a new version of the operation has started to catch people in public places outside the subways, and at … Read More

The Good Book?

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What happens when a man takes his family away from civilization in order to raise his children strictly by the words of the Bible?  Well, this: A man who called himself "Papa Pilgrim" and took his family far from civilization to raise them according to his interpretation of the Bible was sentenced to 14 years in prison for sexually assaulting … Read More