Yes, Even More On The Frosts

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The attacks are still going strong from Michelle Malkin.

Here’s what she wrote today:

Mark Steyn, presumably taking his marching orders from Mitch McConnell (snort-snort), hits the nail on the head once again:

Mr Frost works “intermittently”. The unemployment rate in the Baltimore metropolitan area is four-percent. Perhaps he chooses to work “intermittently,” just as he chooses to send his children to private school, and chooses to live in a 3,000-square-foot home. That’s what free-born citizens in democratic societies do: choose. Sometimes those choices work out, and sometimes they don’t.

She adds:

The accident was horrible. The children deserve much sympathy and compassion. But this family made choices. Choices have consequences.

Now, for a Malkin flashback.  Here’s what Malkin wrote back in August 27, 2004 (and remember, Malkin lives in Maryland, same as the Frosts).

America’s broken health insurance system

I certainly am not convinced that a government-run system is the answer, but I do agree with Krugman that there are serious problems with our health insurance system, particularly in the market for individually-purchased (non-group) coverage.

After my husband quit his job earlier this year (to become a full-time stay-at-home dad), we had a choice. We could either buy health insurance from his former employer through a program called COBRA at a cost of more than $1,000 per month(!) or we could go it alone in Maryland’s individual market. Given our financial circumstances, that “choice” wasn’t much of a choice at all. We had to go on our own.

We discovered that the most generous plans in Maryland’s individual market cost $700 per month yet provide no more than $1,500 per year of prescription drug coverage–a drop in the bucket if someone in our family were to be diagnosed with a serious illness.

With health insurance choices like that, no wonder so many people opt to go uninsured.

That was the assessment from Michelle Malkin, author and Fox News commentor, and (presumably) a person far more well-off than the Frosts, then and now.