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QuickstackSome online games with a low-learning curve.  No downloads.  Nothing to install. Perfect for the 20 minute office break, we’re told:

10. QWERTY Warriors – If Mavis Beacon’s typing games got you all hot and bothered, you’ll love QWERTY Warrors. You play the role of a little guy in the middle of a field as all kinds of robotic enemies advance towards you. To kill them, you type their “name” and hit Enter.

9. The Like Better Game – This is the kind of “game” that appeals to people who sit around taking personality tests and posting them to their MySpace profiles. The site shows you a series of pictures and you just click on the one you like better. Every so often, the little pink brain will light up to let you know that it knows something about you (based on your choices).

8. Word Puzzles – If you like getting headaches, you’ll love the lateral thinking and logic puzzles at Folj.com. They offer hints and solutions, so you won’t go through all that suffering without the sweet release of knowing the true answer.

7. Web Sudoku – Unlike pencil and paper version of the game, Web Sudoku has a feature called “How am I Doing?” that allows you to check your work at any time.

6. Shuffle – All you have to do with this one is use your red balls to knock off the opponents yellow balls. It’s incredibly simple and totally addictive.

4. Dice Mogul – Dice Mogul is like Monopoly with a mean streak. In addition to buying properties and adding buildings, you can get bonuses that allow you to steal properties or delete an opponent’s bonuses.

4. Sim City Classic – Unfortunately, you’ll have to register for this one. It’s worth it, though. If you grew up with computers, you’ll almost definitely feel a bit nostalgic playing the original SimCity.

3. Trivial Blitz – They supply the category, you select the boxes that fit in the category. You get more money with each selection, but you risk it all with each move.

2. BoomShine – Deceptively simple. You click the dot and it expands, setting off a chain reaction of expanding dots with each one it touches. Your goal is to include as many dots as possible in each chain reaction.

1. Quick Stack – Quick Stack is quick, simple, colorful, and highly addictive. The upside, though, is that you’ll probably get sick of in less than 20 minutes, so it won’t distract you from too much work.