The Worldwide Sexual Relationship Database — Creepy? Hoax, Perhaps?

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I don’t think I like this, and I’m not sure I want it to catch on: a website where you can enter a person’s name and find everyone that person has ever slept with.

Of course, the database is virtually empty now.  Here’s the blurb from the website:

In an effort to better understand society’s interconnected nature, this database was created to serve as a repository for information regarding the sexual histories of individuals, across the world and throughout time.

Simply enter a name, and all known sexual partners of this person will appear to the right. However, most individuals have yet to be entered into our database. If you have valid information regarding the sexual past of anyone, at any period of time, please enter it now. Your assistance is vital to the success of this project.

Sounds like a sexual "Seven Degress of Kevin Bacon" thing.

Personally, I would be concerned about someone entering in false data.  But don’t wory, they’ve thought of that….

To insure accuracy, anyone may edit sexual histories, provided he or she logs in with a valid email address.

Ah yes.  Having a valid email address will help "ensure accuracy".  WTF?!?

We reserve the right to ban users who knowingly provide false information, as this is not meant to be a forum for emotional retaliation or gamesmanship.

And how will they know whether or not someone is providing false information, pray tell?

I smell "lawsuit".

I also found this amusing:

For the purposes of this study, a sexual partner shall be defined as a human with whom a person has had oral, anal or vaginal sexual contact.

Thanks for the definition, guys.  I wasn’t sure what "Sex" means.

The venture is listed as "a project of the World Health Optimization Management", a group so obscure that there are no Google hits for them.

By the way, according to the database, I have never had a sexual partner.  While that is disconcerting, it is also fundamentally untrue.  However, I humbly request that nobody correct the database.