Our Melting World

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Don’t tell me there’s no such thing as global warming: Ancient ice shelf breaks free in Canadian Arctic Breakaway may ‘signal the onset of accelerated change,’ researchers say TORONTO – A giant ice shelf has snapped free from an island south of the North Pole, scientists said Thursday, citing climate change as a “major” reason for the event. The Ayles … Read More

Hanging Hussein

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I’m sorry, but I just can’t get worked up over this.  So maybe he’ll be executed within 24 hours, or maybe in a month.  But who cares?  Either way, it’s really a footnote to current events and the War on Terror in my opinion.  It’s ironic how this one person — the former boogeyman of the Bush Administration three years … Read More


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I’m with Greg at The Talent Show.  I don’t see anything wrong with cloned meat.  Yes, I realize that the FDA has a history of approving things, and then we find out ten years later that the product approved was not really all that safe.  But meat and milk from cloned cows?  No big deal. The truth is that we … Read More

Americans Really Don’t Like Bush

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Wow.  We really don’t: You know it’s bad when you get more votes that the Devil himself. To be fair, Bush also was polled highest as the "Top Hero of 2006", but only with 13%.  Still, he beat out the U.S. Troops (6%), as well as Jesus Christ, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey (all of whom got 3%).

What We Learned This Year

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A nice article here, listing 50 things that we (meaning, "mankind") know now that we didn’t know one year ago, probably because we were obsessed with celebrity babies and underpants.  I’ll save you the trouble and provide the list here.  I’m putting a few in boldface, for reasons I’ll explain after: 1. U.S. life expectancy in 2005 inched up to … Read More

Twenty-One 2007 Predictions

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The Red Sox will not win the World Series.  This may not be a startling prediction, but it does serve a function: to prevent me from getting my hopes up. The Patriots will not win the Super Bowl.  See No. 1. The situation in Iraq — particularly the U.S. troop levels will remain more or less the same, unless it … Read More

LaRue’s Slippery Slope

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Jan LaRue of the right-wing Concerned Women For America writes an article with the inquisitive headline: When Will Bisexuals Drag Homosexuals out of Polygamy Closet? I had to read that headline several times in order to get my head around it.  I get the homosexual/closet reference — that’s obvious.  But where does the polygamy thing come in?  Is Ms. LaRue … Read More

The Truth Shall [Redacted] Set You Free

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This is astounding. The White House censored an New York Times editorial, telling the Times to redact certain portions.  The censored portions do not contain classified information.  The White House, it seemed, just didn’t like it. (The redacted version of the op-ed is here.) It should be noted that the CIA normally does these type of things, not the White … Read More

Bird Flu Update

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"Whatever happened to the bird flu?" my mother asked me when I was up for Christmas. "Wasn’t that supposed to be the next big thing to kill us all?" I pondered the question and bluffed an answer, laced with cynicism: "Oh, it’s still around.  In fact, it’s worse.  You don’t hear about it on the news because it’s not as … Read More

The War On Christmas: 1947

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Below is an actual excerpt from an FBI memo in 1947 (since declassified) which alerts the reader to the commie propaganda contained in — wait for it — It’s A Wonderful Life: To: The Director D.M. Ladd COMMUNIST INFILTRATION OF THE MOTION PICTURE INDUSTRY (RUNNING MEMORANDUM) There is submitted herewith the running memorandum concerning Communist infiltration of the motion picture … Read More

Best Movies Of 2006

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You want lists?  I got lists. Salon’s Best Films Of 2006 (in no particular order, with descriptions): "Army of Shadows" — Made in 1969 but never released in the States until this year, Jean-Pierre Melville’s drama about a group of men and one woman fighting in the French Resistance isn’t just one of the great films of the ’60s; it’s … Read More