Coulter Comeupance?

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Ann Coulter, the anorexic gibbon-pawed shrill conservative pundit, made fun of the Florida voters in 2000 for their inablity to cast a simple ballot.  That was among her lesser sins, but it is particularly ironic, now that she is under investigation for committing voter fraud — also in Florida. Conservative columnist Ann Coulter has refused to cooperate in an investigation … Read More

Attack Of The Squirrels

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I think they’re planning something big.  This is going to become like The Birds: Barb Dougherty, a 30-year Postal Service employee, said she was attacked and bitten Monday by a squirrel while delivering mail in Oil City, about 75 miles north of Pittsburgh. "It was a freak thing. It was traumatic," Dougherty told The Derrick in Oil City. "I saw … Read More

Mark Foley’s Movie

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Former Congressman and congressional page stalker Mark Foley acted in an action picture called Strike Force (which also went by the name The Librarians). RadarOnline has the clip.

Eleven Things You Didn’t Know About Bob Barker

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He attended Drury College in Missouri on a basketball scholarship. He served in the Navy as a fighter pilot. He graduated summa cum laude in economics. As an animal rights activist, he stopped The Price is Right from giving out fur coats as prizes (and has forbidden the airing of past shows that included them). But despite his animal rights … Read More

Another Dirty Gay Evangelical?

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Ted Haggard, President of the National Association of Evangelicals, an organization that represents millions of people. Ted Haggard, founder and senior leader of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, a megachurch with 14,000 members. Ted Haggard, who appeared in Time‘s list of the 25 most influential evangelicals in America. Reverand Ted Haggard, married with five children and an outspoken … Read More

Iraq: Edging Toward Chaos

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The New York Times obtained this classifed Powerpoint slide, prepared by the U.S. Central Command two weeks ago.  Bottom line — our miiltary says thinks are getting worse in Iraq.

About Kerry’s Botched Joke

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My goodness!  Such a fuss. But conservative/evangelical blogger La Shawn Barber gets it: I don’t like John Kerry…. I mocked him for his condescending attitude toward “the poor”… I made fun of him for hanging out at black churches at election time… I called Kerry a racist for trying to appeal to blacks… …I’d curse him to his face. [But] … Read More

Depression In The News

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7% of all adults suffer from major depression.  That’s one finding from a new major study on the subject of depression. Other findings: Major depression often retreats only after patients have tried multiple drugs, and a large minority still have disabling symptoms even after using many medications. Two-thirds of depressed patients became depression-free after trying up to four different combinations … Read More