A Protest You Might Enjoy

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Um, okay: Two peace activists have planned a massive anti-war demonstration for the first day of winter. But they don’t want marching in the streets. They’d much rather protesters just stay home. The Global Orgasm for Peace was conceived by Donna Sheehan, 76, and Paul Reffell, 55, whose goal is for everyone in the world to have an orgasm Dec. … Read More

A Good Barack Obama Story

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A small time writer for the Henry (Ga.) Daily Harold wrote this the other day: Obama owes me an apology I don’t care, I’m not changing my mind on this one. Nope. I don’t like Sen. Barack Obama. He might make a good president some day, but he won’t get my vote. At least not until he apologizes. Some might … Read More


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Wow.  There’s an entire website devoted to the subject of regifting.  According to the site, half of the adults surveyed approve of it. Is it proper etiquette?  I’ve never done it, and — as far as I know — never received a "regifted" gift.  I generally don’t like the practice.  I’ve always believed that gift-giving is not so much in … Read More

Whaddup With Kramer?

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Was Michael Richards ("Kramer" from Seinfeld) really yelling racial slurs at the comedy club audience, or was it an Andy Kaufman-like gag? For now, I’m going with the latter, but you can check out the grainy video from the weekend and decide for yourself.

If I Hadn’t Decided To Boycott O.J….

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…I’d probably write something like this. UPDATE (3:36 p.m.):  Fox is cancelling the O.J. interview. UPDATE (a few minutes later):  Looks like the book deal is being axed as well.  (The publisher, News Corp., also owns Fox Network). Unhinged perpetually-outraged Michelle Malkin writes: Would have been better if they had listened to common sense in the first place before they … Read More

No Magic Bullet In Iraq

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Of late, there seems to be more willingness on the part of, well, everybody, to admit that the Iraq War is unwinnable, and indeed, it may already be lost.  Even Kissinger put his toe in that pool.  It strikes me that there is, too, that there is no way to "win" in Iraq  (in part because nobody has bothered to … Read More

Congrats To Grace & Glorie

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The cast of the Kernersville Little Theatre production of <i>Grace & Glorie</i> (i.e., Pat Shumate and Cheryl Roberts) took away an award for "Best Ensemble" at the North Carolina Theatre Conference Community Theatre Festival/Competition.

Today’s Groganisms

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Our favorite Renew America columnist, Kaye Grogan, has another column out today, and it’s full of her non-sensical metaphors and well, non-sensical everything.  Here’s a smattering: Since Nancy Pelosi has promised the American people to head the most ethical congress in America’s history can we expect an invitation to gather around the Jordan River for a good old congressional baptism? … Read More

Vietnam Redux

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Vietnam then: With these troops in place, U.S. officials instituted an “enclave” strategy under which U.S. forces would try to maintain only those areas of Vietnam already under Saigon’s control. General Westmoreland, opposing the enclave strategy, called for more and more U.S. forces and advocated “taking the battle to the enemy.” Indeed, in July 1965, Johnson sent 100,000 more troops … Read More

Sweeney Todd: The Movie Musical

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Johnny Depp stars as Sweeney Todd. Helena Bonham Carter stars as Mrs. Lovett. Socha Cohen (now making a splash as "Borat") just signed on as (you could predict this) Signor Adolfo Pirelli. Tim Burton ("Edward Scissorhands", "Ed Wood", "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory") directs. Yes, this is the film version of the Sondheim classic.  Shooting to start sometime in 2007.

A “Godfather” Moment In NH Poltics

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Bizarre: A town conservation commissioner involved in a debate over hunting on conservation property has resigned, but not before allegedly delivering a deer’s severed head to the home of a New Hampshire Fish and Game Department official.

The Great Japanese Hope

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I’m not one for off-season baseball news, but this caught my eye: The market price for pitching talent is soaring so high that it’s come to this: The Boston Red Sox are ready to pay more than $50 million just for the right to negotiate with Daisuke Matsuzaka, who’s never thrown his "gyroball" – or any pitch, for that matter … Read More