North Carolina: Bill To Bar Gay Marriage Dies

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This is the third time the bill hasn’t had any success.  North Carolina remains the only southern state which lacks an amendment blocking gay marriage.  So somebody is doing something right.

Pam Spaulding reports:

NC State Sen. James Forrester didn’t waste any time submitting another marriage amendment bill this year (Senate Bill 1228, Defense of Marriage/House Bill 2438), but Equality NC announced that with the adjournment of the 2006 session of the General Assembly, legislation to amend the state constitution to ban gays and lesbians from marrying has died.

The language of the bill would have also banned civil unions, domestic partnership or any other form of relationship recognition for unmarried couples. ENC:

“North Carolinians should be proud that their elected leaders spent their time this year on important issues like ethics reforms, the minimum wage, and the state budget, rather than the politically motivated bigotry of this amendment,” said Ian Palmquist, Executive Director. “Equality North Carolina worked closely with legislative allies to block this unnecessary, discriminatory legislation.”

As this bill would have inserted discrimination against LGBT people into the state’s constitution, Equality NC and its supporters led a ferocious charge to help keep the bill in check for the third straight year.

Among the most critical actions taken by the advocacy group was the organization of a lobby day on June 6 in which nearly 100 North Carolinians came to Raleigh to rally against the proposed amendment. Equality NC supporters came from all over the state to lobby their legislators and take part in a spirited rally outside the Capitol Building.

“When legislators hear from real people whose lives would be affected by anti-gay legislation, it opens their eyes to the impact of their decisions,” said Palmquist. “Our lobby day and other efforts enabled gay and straight North Carolinians alike to speak out against discrimination.”

Thanks to EqualityNC, the active and out LGBT community here and all our political allies!