Blogging The Bible

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An intrepid (or perhaps bored) writer for Salon, a self-proclaimed "ignoramus" when it comes to matters religious — has decided he’s going to blog the Bible

So far, he’s doing it in a rather non-snarky, but inqusitive way.

A snippet from Genesis, Chapter 3:

The Lord—not so good at follow-through. In Chapter 2, He is clear as He can be: He commands man not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and bad: "for as soon as you eat of it, you shall die." No wiggle room there. You shall die. But then when Eve and Adam eat the fruit of the tree a few verses later, do they die? Nope. God punishes Eve with "most severe … pangs in childbearing" and curses Adam by making the soil barren. Any parent knows you have to follow through on your threats, or your children will take advantage of you. God makes a vow He can’t keep—or if He did, He would undo all his good work. …You can call this "original sin," but maybe it’s just lax parenting.