What’s In A Name

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Here are a list of murderers with the middle name "Wayne".  An asterisk means they are dead. Timothy Wayne Adams (Texas)Shannon Wayne Agofsky (Texas)Thomas Wayne Akers (North Carolina)Stephen Wayne Anderson (California)*Joshua Wayne Andrews (Virginia)David Wayne Arisman (California)Timothy Wayne Barnett (Alabama)Gerald Wayne Bivins (Indiana)Scott Wayne Blystone (Pennsylvania)Elvis Wayne Botley (California)Steven Wayne Bowman (South Carolina)Ricky Wayne Brown (Florida)Michael Wayne Brown (Oklahoma)Dennis Wayne … Read More

Idol Update

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I had to mostly agree with the judges on the ten remaining women.  A lot of bad song choices, and some lackluster performances overall. Lisa Tucker and Paris Bennett had a slightly off-week, but they still are my favorites.  I (like everyone else) was charmed by North Carolina’s Kellie Pickler — pictured right — who, in retrospect, I sold short … Read More

Tinkerbell Is Dying

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… but Bush is still clapping as hard as he can: Bush told ABC News he had spoken to leaders of all Iraqi sects after last week’s bombing of a major Shi’ite mosque and "I heard loud and clear that they understand that they’re going to choose unification, and we’re going to help them do so." AP: A series of … Read More

Like Running Through Molassas

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The journalists over at the conservative Moonie-owned Washington Times have come really late to the party, informing its readers today that the Bush Administration lacked a comprehensive plan for rebuilding Iraq. In future editions, the Washington Times will "break" such news stories like "August 2001 PDB Warned Bush Of Possible Bin Laden Strike On U.S." and — dare we say … Read More

Where Did You Get YOUR Degree?

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Can I just rant for a second? Polls like this drive me nuts.  Here’s are the questions asked of respondents by Survey USA: "Based on what you know about the government wiretapping of certain phone calls …Is it clear that President Bush obeyed the law?  … Is it clear that President Bush broke the law? Is it not clear? … … Read More

Dumb Lawsuit Of The Week

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Nine female fans of American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken are suing Aiken’s record company.  The cause of action?  They were supposedly duped by the record company’s advertising and promotions into thinking that Clay was straight, when he is in reality, well, not . . . apparently. The angry ladies go on to state, "This is tantamount to a manufacturer concealing … Read More

Other Poll News

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A first-ever survey of U.S. troops on the ground fighting a war overseas has revealed surprising findings, not the least of which is that 72% of American troops in Iraq think the U.S. should exit the country within the next year. Gadflyer Paul Waldman comments: Man, our troops really don’t support our troops. How can our troops be expected to … Read More

I May Throw Up

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Chris Matthews compared Bush favorably to Atticus Finch because of Bush’s stand on the Dubai Ports World deal. I can’t even begin to articulate how inappropriate and misguided the comparison is.


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Taking a cue from Wisconsin Democrats, the Dems in the NC Senate have backed a resolution urging the state’s representatives in Washington to support efforts to impeach Bush, Cheney and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.  Okay.

Yup, It’s Civil War

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Some conservatives latched on to heartening news in the past few days that the violence we saw last week in Iraq following the Golden Dome bombing has subsided.  The daytime curfew, no doubt, did quelch some violence, but now that the curfew has been lifted, the violence continues once again. Furthermore, we are now discovering that the prior spate of … Read More

Blame Game

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Glenn Greenwald’s thesis here is pretty straightforward.  First, Glenn notes that conservative Bill Kristol pointed the finger at the U.S. military, as an explanation of the Iraqi debacle.  Kristol got the blame game started, and now that it’s in full swing, Glenn plays it himself. Glenn then turns to blogger Jeff Goldstein, who "shared this blame-shifting gem with us yesterday": … Read More

Bush Ratings At An All-Time Low

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That’s the headline screaming from CBS, who now have Bush at 34%. (And Cheney’s at 18%.  That’s simply mind-blowing.  Why so high?) UPDATE:  A conservative "pollster-type" writes to the Corner and takes aim at the poll’s methodology.  He peaks in silliness when he writes this: Now, I’ll tell you right now, what "Americans" or "adults nationwide" think, doesn’t matter one … Read More

Dubai Ports World Boycotts Israel

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Bush argues that DPW should manage six twenty-one American ports because they are an ally in the war on terrorism, and it would send a terrible sign if we blocked the deal. Okay, fair enough.  But what sign will it send to Israel (also an ally), considering that DPW supports the boycott of Israel? UPDATE:  They’re also trying to stifle … Read More

Trailer Park Nation

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Sigh. The Vice President shoots someone in the face, and Anna Nicole Smith is now in front of the Supreme Court. What’s next?  A worn-out couch just sitting on the front lawn of the White House?

Cat In Germany Has Bird Flu

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This menace is getting closer and closer every week it seems: BERLIN – The deadly strain of bird flu has been found in a cat in northern Germany, the first time the virus has been identified in the country in an animal other than a bird, a national lab said Tuesday. The cat was found on the northern island of … Read More