Bush State Of The Union

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I caught most of it, and these are my few sporadic impressions. (1)  When he was listing all the democracies now in the Middle East . . . was it just me, or was there a big huge elephant in the room?  An elephant by the name of "Palestine"?  C’mon.  Everybody was thinking about it. (2)  He wants a line-item … Read More

They LOVE Us!

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A new poll found that nearly half of Iraqis approve of attacks on U.S.-led forces, and most favor setting a timetable for American troops to leave.

The Only Interesting Thing About The Alito Nomination

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I haven’t been blogging about the Alito nomination, because any hope of victory went away in the 2004 Presidential election.  We lost, so we’re getting Alito.  End of story. But there’s a lot of buzz about this online blog post from yesterday: Mister Senator… This post will be read by thousands and thousands of people… It’s directed at ONE person. … Read More

Going Postal

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Okay.  So another postal worker goes ballistic and goes on a killing rampage, with a death toll of six (not including the postal worker herself). "Going postal" isn’t a mere stereotype or coincidence.  It can’t be.  There has to be an explanation.  What is it?  Anyone know?  Seriously?  Is it something about the glue on the stamps?

Where I Come From, We Call It “Perjury”

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January, 2000 — Alberto Gonzales Confirmation Hearing: SEN. SPECTER: Judge Gonzales, would you now stand for the administration of the oath? Raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you will give before the Senate Judiciary Committee will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God? MR. GONZALES: I do. … Read More

Bush’s State Of The Union

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I won’t be watching (rehearsal) and I might not even TIVO it.  Besides the State of the Union on the right hand column (which I’ll take down in a few days) is better. But by all accounts, including those of the Wall Street Journal (sumamrized here), Bush’s best bet — if he wants to be accountable to the American people … Read More

What Earwax And Body Odor Tell Us About American History

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Conservative columnist Debbie Schlussel is serious: Today’s New York Times details a Japanese scientific on earwax and body odor in Asians vs. Europeans and Africans. There is actually an "earwax gene" in DNA that determines this. But the paper glosses over the most important finding. The study found that Europeans and Africans tend to have wet ear wax, sweat more, … Read More

GOP Lynch Mob

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You know, I think I am pretty tolerant of Michelle Malkin, the conservative blogger-whiner who has cornered the market in "outrage".  With almost every post, as well as her book "Unhinged", Michelle is a cottage industry unto herself, pointing out every supposed rude behavior of Democrats and liberals, most of whom you have never heard of. Of course, she rarely … Read More

RIP Wendy Wasserstein

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AP: Playwright Wendy Wasserstein, who celebrated women confronting feminism, careers, love and motherhood in such works as "The Heidi Chronicles" and "The Sisters Rosensweig," died Monday. She was 55. She was a phenomenal playwright, and will be missed.

The Insularity Problem

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This is what happens when you send a bunch of people to Washington, who act on their belief about how things are, rather than – you know – reality.  They come off as "surprised" all the time.  From The Left Coaster: "I’ve asked why nobody saw it coming. It does say something about us not having a good enough pulse."–Condi … Read More

Our Mayor Freaked Out Over Bird Flu

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From today’s Winston-Salem Journal: Mayor Allen Joines said that mayors from cities nationwide who attended a conference in Washington are getting sobering information about the threat of a bird-flu pandemic in the United States. "It’s not a question of if it’s going to come, it’s a question of when it will hit," he said. And when it does, it could … Read More

How’s Your Heating Bill?

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Thought you might like to know that Exxon reported record profits for the 4th quarter of 2005: $10.71 billion. They broke their old record set in the third quarter of 2005. From November 2005: Oil Companies Deny Price-Gouging Senators berated oil company executives claiming their big profits are the result of gouging U.S. consumers. The senators demanded that oil companies … Read More

Terrorism: A Risk-Benefit Analysis

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Glenn Greenwald writes a post which will no doubt drive the right wingers batty: All of this seems obvious at this point. The total number of Americans killed by Islamic terrorists in the last 5 years — or 10 years — or 20 years — or ever — is roughly 3,500, the same number of deaths by suicide which occur … Read More