Why The Bush Strategy Isn’t A Strategy At All

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Here’s a section of Bush’s strategy plan for Victory in Iraq (PDF). This is under the section entitled "The Political Track In Detail".  Key words to that heading are: "…in Detail". Even with this solid progress, we and our Iraqi partners continue to face multiple challenges in the political sphere, including: Ensuring that those who join the political process leave … Read More

Bush’s “Victory in Iraq” Strategy (or “Look, If We Built This Giant Wooden Badger….”)

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I haven’t read it (things are crazy here), but Matt Yglesius has.  It sounds like what I expected: a laundry list of ideal goals, but not an actual plan on how to achieve them.  Here’s Matt: [I]t’s plain that there’s no actual strategy here. The document calls for "building democratic institutions" and eventually "providing an inspiring example to reformers in … Read More

Kayes Expresses Herself

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Our favorite wingnut columnist, Kaye Grogan, has a new column up.  It’s called "Freedom of speech and expression . . . most abused rights"  The title alone suggests that Kaye is having trouble with verbs this week, as she prefers to use ellipses.  Still, we forge on: Freedom of speech is perhaps one of the most abused freedoms we have. … Read More

Julie Andrews Ruins The Opening Of “The Sound Of Music” For Me

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CNN: At a question-and-answer session celebrating the 40th anniversary of "The Sound of Music," Julie Andrews recalled the scene in which her character, Maria, runs through the mountains singing the title song. It wasn’t as serene as it looked, the 70-year-old actress said Monday. "I will never forget it, there was a large helicopter coming towards me through the mountains … Read More

Stupid Lawsuit Of The Day

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D’oh: A Russian lawyer plans to take his case against The Simpsons to the European Court of Human Rights. It comes after a Moscow Court rejected Igor Smykov’s appeal to have the show banned from Russian TV. Mrr Smykov wanted to have the cartoon series taken off the air in Russia, or at least shown at a later time, claiming … Read More

Something To Consider

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In 1976, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed states to execute criminals again.  This week, barring any changes in schedule, the 1000th execution will take place since the 1976 reinstatement.  And it’ll probably happen here in North Carolina. Fun fact: In the past 32 years, 120 death row inmates have been proven innocent and released.  Most of them have been in … Read More

The Abstinence Wars

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What’s more important?  Young girls learning to have safe sex so that they don’t get pregnant and/or sick — or young girls being sexually abstinent? Logically, these two positions are not incompatible.  Most would agree (I hope) that we would want young girls to be knowledgeable about safe sex, and then choose abstinence (until they are ready). But sadly, much … Read More

Birds Of A Feather

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Sen. Tom Delay (indicted for money laundering) on the subject of Rep. "Duke" Cunningham (pled guilty to bribery): “Duke Cunningham is a hero . . . He is an honorable man of high integrity.” Yeah.  Whatever.

It’s The End Of The World On Your TIVO

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I’ve always been intrigued by entertainment fads as a reflection of culture and the national psyche.  For example, after Japan was nuked (twice) in WWII, they started making movies about giant monsters (Godzilla, Mothra, etc.) sent to destroy civilization.  And nuclear radiation was often the given reason why these monsters came into existence in the first place.  I’m not a … Read More

Vatican vs. Me

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The Vatican (as reported by Reuters): The Vatican newspaper said on Tuesday that homosexuality risked "destabilizing people and society," had no social or moral value and could never match the importance of the relationship between a man and a woman. Me: "The segmentation of people based on their sexual preference destabilizes people and society, has no social or moral value, … Read More

Fox News: Anti-Christmas

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Well, the "War on Christmas" trumpters have a new enemy: Fox News.  Here’s why: Fox News, the media company whose hosts have staunchly defended the public use of the word "Christmas," is raising eyebrows after posting a story on its website with the headline, "Holiday Trees Arrive at Capitol, White House." The story written by FoxNews.com starts off with its … Read More