How’s That Homeland Security Thing Coming?

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From USA Today: The Bush administration has missed dozens of deadlines set by Congress after the Sept. 11 attacks for developing ways to protect airplanes, ships and railways from terrorists. A plan to defend ships and ports from attack is six months overdue. Rules to protect air cargo from infiltration by terrorists are two months late. A study on the … Read More

My Obligatory Post on Samuel Alito

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Busy day today for me, so I’ll just mention a few things about Bush’s nominee to the Supreme Court, and update this post (maybe) as the day goes on. Yes, Alito is a conservative.  Yes, he’s a strict constructionist.  Yes, his nomination helps Bush politically by bringing Bush’s base back into the fold.  Yes, Alito has more experience than Miers.  … Read More

American Taliban Continues To Have A Stick Up Its Ass

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I mean, really: RALEIGH, N.C.  School principals from Newton, Mass., to Denver find themselves increasingly haunted at Halloween by this refrain: Get out, ye ghoulies! Bowing to concerns of a wide range of groups – from Christians who consider Halloween to have pagan or satanic overtones to church-state separatists who object to the holiday’s religious roots – some elementary schools … Read More

2005 Darwin Awards

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For those unfamiliar, The Darwin Awards are named in honor of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution. They commemorate those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it in astoundingly stupid ways. The 2005 nominees are now posted at the Darwin Awards website.  Here’s the nominee with the most votes (so far): (19 March 2005, Michigan) "Unusual" and … Read More

Restoration Project

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From Billmon: George W. Bush will repair what has been damaged . . . On the first hour of the first day, he will restore decency and integrity to the Oval Office. Dick CheneySpeech to the 2000 Republican ConventionAugust 2, 2000 My fellow citizens, we can begin again. After all of the shouting, and all of the scandal. After all … Read More

Stupid Wall Street Journal Quote

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WSJ editorial: Unless Mr. Fitzgerald can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Libby was lying, and doing so for some nefarious purpose, this indictment looks like a case of criminalizing politics. "Nefarious purpose"?  No, idiots.  He only has to prove that Libby intentially lied to the prosecutors and grand jury.   What do you think?  It’s okay too lie under … Read More

Singin’ In The Rain — The Remix

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Yeah, you’ve probably seen it before, but here it is again.  The Volkswagon ad feature Gene Kelly doing "Singin’ In The Rain" like you’ve never seen it done before. Click image to play.  File in Quicktime format — may take a minute or so to begin.

I Wish I Said That

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This item relating to the 2,000 death in Iraq is soooo two days ago*, but it just came across my radar now. I’m speaking of blogwatcher Peter Daou, who critized Michelle Malkin, Little Green Footballs and others for describing the left’s anti-war "vigils" as "parties": "I find this rash of posts suggesting that anti-war activists ‘celebrate’ the deaths of American … Read More

Really Not Too Smart

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Matt Yglesius observes: Watching CNN it’s obvious that the conservative strategy on these indictments is the same old playbook: Slime and defend. Except they can’t slime Patrick Fitzgerald, so instead they’re going to attack … Joe Wilson. But why? Wilson has literally nothing to do with the allegations being made here. Scooter Libby said some things under oath to the … Read More

The Bar They Set

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Standards Of Official Conduct MemorandumJanuary 20, 2001 MEMORANDUM FOR THE HEADS OF EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS AND AGENCIES SUBJECT: Standards of Official Conduct Everyone who enters into public service for the United States has a duty to the American people to maintain the highest standards of integrity in Government. I ask you to ensure that all personnel within your departments and agencies … Read More


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Libby indicted on five counts: (2) perjury, (2) false statement, (1) obstruction of justice.    Here’s the Libby indictment in case you haven’t already seen it.  Libby resigns.  Fitzgerald says the probe is not over. But it’s clear that Libby himself was the leaker.  Fitzgerald couldn’t indict him, it seems, because Fitzgerald would have to prove that Libby knew the … Read More

Indictment Update

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It seems silly to post about indictment rumors today, especially since I’m kind of busy.  So here’s the lowdown — plain and simple. Special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will hold a press conference at 2 p.m. ET to announce his actions resulting from his investigation of the CIA leak. NBC News says Fitzgerald "is expected to release some documents in the … Read More

We STILL Didn’t Start The Fire

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Shake’s Sister has gone to the trouble of adding more verses to Billy Joel’s 1980’s hit We Didn’t Start The Fire to include subsequent events.  It’s very good: Bush and Cheney, voter fraud,9/11, war abroad,Condoleezza, Donald Rumsfeld, neocon cabal.Mushroom cloud, “Dead or alive,”More tax cuts, “Now watch this drive,”Rightwing pundits, propaganda, marches on The Mall. Swift Boat Vets, Rove takes … Read More