Schiavo Protesters

Ken AshfordAssisited Suicide/Schiavo, Right Wing Punditry/Idiocy6 Comments

050318_schaivo_hmed_1110ph2Look at the picture on the left of people opposed to the Schiavo tube removal.  This is the kind of protest that, if done by the liberals, would have the right wingers rolling in the aisles, making fun.

But I think it is a perfectly fine protest — after all, they got their pictures taken, which means they got their message out.  That’s what protests are designed to do.

The problem is . . . I don’t get quite understand what their message is.  What does the tape with the word "life" symbolize?  Why is the tape over their mouths?  Are they trying to say "we are not allowed to talk about life"?  Or does having a life prevents them from exercising their First Amendment right to speech?   And what does that have to do with Schiavo? 

Maybe it has something to do with being unable to eat.  But then, certainly, "death" would be a better word to use, rather than "life".

Oh, well.  It’s a powerful message.  Too bad it is an ambiguous one.