Do NOT, do NOT, do NOT . . .

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Do NOT miss out on this video of Jon Stewart on "Crossfire". It is clear that he appeared on Crossfire to make a serious point about how unhelpful the media is (and particularly, "Crossfire"). He’s right of course — shows like that often shed a lot of heat, and almost no light, on any given subject.

Tucker Carlson lamely tries to catch Stewart by pointing out how easy Stewart was in his interview with Kerry, as if there is (or should be) a comparison between "The Daily Show" and real journalism. Carlson clearly expected Stewart to come on "Crossfire" and be funny (to which Stewart replies that he is not going to be "your little monkey"). Begala is just as much a part of Steward’s criticism, but Carlson bears the brunt of Stewart’s criticism because he clearly can’t stand what Stewart is saying.

Kudos to Stewart, who has turned himself up one notch. He may not be a bona fide journalist, but as a media critic, he’s right on the money.