Bush “Finds” Another Military Record Saying He Quit The Reserves

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WASHINGTON – The White House said seven months ago that it had released all the records on President Bush (news – web sites)’s stateside military service during the Vietnam War, yet new records are still dribbling out as Election Day approaches. The White House on Wednesday night produced a November 1974 document bearing Bush’s signature from Cambridge, Mass., where he … Read More

Another Eisenhower Republican for Kerry

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I’m not sure what an "Eisenhower Republican" is — I believe Clinton used the term to describe anyone who refused to go spend more federal money during a time of deficits (i.e., "Dubya is not an Eisenhower Republican — although Clinton ironically was one."). Anyway, this guy, being Eisenhower’s son and a Republican, is truly an Eisenhower Republican . . … Read More

Good News for Supreme Court Watchers

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As reported here, law geeks and Supreme Court fans will no longer have to play guessing games. Starting next week, transcripts of Supreme Court oral arguments will give the actual name of the Justice asking the questions from the bench, rather than simply using the word “Question”.

Undercutting Allies?

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JANESVILLE, Wis. – Democrat John Kerry wrongly questioned the credibility of the interim Iraqi leader [Ayad Allawi], and "you can’t lead this country" while undercutting an ally, President Bush said Friday. From here. President Bush then ate some "freedom fries", dissed "old Europe", and talked about how ineffective the U.N. is. Seriously, this is the scariest thing about Bush, in … Read More

Has Rumsfeld Gone Insane?

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"Let’s say you tried to have an election and you could have it in three-quarters or four-fifths of the country. But in some places you couldn’t because the violence was too great. Well, so be it. Nothing’s perfect in life, so you have an election that’s not quite perfect. Is it better than not having an election? You bet." — … Read More

Nice Find

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Hard to know who to give credit to for this one (perhaps the Village Voice), but someone gets kudos for finding this State Department document entitled The Network of Terrorism. It was posted on the U.S. State Department website in November 2001. Anyway, on page 12 of that document, we find a list of countries — and a map — … Read More

Bush Campaign In Disarray Over Kerry Speech

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In response to Kerry’s four-point plan on Iraq, Bush said: "Forty-three days before the election, my opponent has now suddenly settled on a proposal for what to do next, and it’s exactly what we’re currently doing." (Source) In response to Kerry’s four-point plan on Iraq, Bush-Cheney campaign spokesmen Steve Schmidt said: "John Kerry’s latest position on Iraq is to advocate … Read More

Selfish Pessimist Ruins Laura Bush Rally By Asking Questions

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HAMILTON — The Pennington mother of a soldier killed in Iraq was arrested and charged with trespassing after she interrupted first lady Laura Bush’s speech yesterday. Sue Niederer was arrested after she was escorted from the Colonial Fire Co. hall on Kuser Road where the Republican rally was being held yesterday morning, according to Hamilton police Lt. James Kostopolis. Niederer … Read More

Welcome To America, Terrorists!

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No kidding. These guys really are terrorists in every sense of the word — attempted assassination of a world leader, murder and conpiracy to murder consulates and other dignataries (including an American citizen), firing a bazooka at a U.N. building, . . . the list goes on and on. They flew into Miami last month, and KNOWING WHO THEY WERE, … Read More

A Little Law

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§ 432.135. ASSAULTING OR WILFULLY DISOBEYING SUPERIOR COMMISSIONED OFFICER. A person subject to this chapter shall be punished as a court-martial directs if the person: (1) strikes his superior commissioned officer or draws or lifts up a weapon or offers any violence against him while in the execution of his office; or (2) wilfully disobeys a lawful command of his … Read More

Unbelievable Liars

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How many times has the Bush White House said that all the documents pertaining to Bush’s military record have been released? Seriously, how many times? "The White House says, `We’ve released all of [the documents]. You should take our word for it and this is the evidence.’" – CNN Really? So . . . how come THIS happened following last … Read More

Two Veterans Support Bush

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In the latest meme polluting a site I often contribute to, we read this: Veterans Like Bush Or, well, at least he got two endorsements from major veterans groups, the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Except, well, that’s not true. Instead, if you actually come across the news story (tellingly, the prior post has no link), it … Read More