Drunk Flight Crew Members Beat Passenger

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If you are not worried about Syrian musicians on your flight, then maybe you should worry about swarthy flight attendents.

That’s right — the friendly skies have just got . . . uh . . . stupider.

MOSCOW – Drunken passengers often give air crews trouble, but Russia’s leading airline on Tuesday reported an "unprecedented" reversal: A passenger was assaulted by intoxicated flight attendants.

Two crew members on a domestic Aeroflot flight beat up a passenger who had complained that the flight attendants were drunk, airline spokeswoman Irina Dannenberg said.

The passenger, identified only as A. Chernopup, was aboard a recent flight from Moscow to the Siberian city of Nizhnevartovsk, Dannenberg said. She said the crew belonged to another airline, Aviaenergo.

Seeing that the crew were intoxicated and were not fulfilling their duties, Chernopup asked to be served by a sober and competent flight attendant, Dannenberg said. He was then beaten up by crew members.


I’ve flown Aeroflot before. This doesn’t surprise me.