More W and Reagan Comparisons

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This time, a stupid one from James K. Glassman at Tech Central Station. Let’s pick it apart, shall we?

First, like Reagan, the current president adopted a simple, straightforward program and is resolutely pursuing it: 1) cutting taxes, 2) bringing the fight against terrorism directly to the enemy, 3) building democracy in parts of the world where it has been suppressed, and 4) advocating compassionate, conservative policies in health care, the environment and education.

Substitute "communism" for "terrorism" in the in the second part of the program, and you have — at least for numbers one through three — the same goals pursued by Reagan.

First of all Jimbo, this President is advocating compassionate, conservative policies in health care, the environment and education? Mmmmm. I guess he’s "advocating" them (from time to time) — but he’s not doing it. And this is what really separates Bush from Reagan — Reagan, for all his flaws, wasn’t an empty mouthpiece who "advocated" something and then ignored it (or did the opposite).

Second, like Reagan, the current president is determined to see his program through — despite the opposition of the media, academia, the bureaucracy, Europe and, unfortunately, parts of the business community as well.

What does that mean? ALL Presidents face opposition. This is a meaningless similarity. It’s kind of like saying, "Secondly, like Reagan, the current President works in Washington, D.C."

Third, like Reagan, the current president has an optimistic view of America. As Reagan said in his second inaugural, "There are no limits to growth and human progress, when men and women are free to follow their dreams." Bush, also, sees this nation and its people as a force for good in the world with a glorious future — again, in contrast to Europeans and European wannabes on the East and West Coasts.

Ignoring the ridiculous swipe (and BTW, isn’t Georgia and South Carolina on the East Coast?), one has to wonder what Jimbo thinks an "optimistic view" is, and how Clinton (or Bush the Elder for that matter) lacked such a view. Again, every President likes to paint rosy scenarios — the difference with Bush Jr is that he thinks optimism is ALL that is required.

Case-in-point: What was the post-war planning for Iraq? The "optimistic" notion that Iraqis would throw flowers at our feet — that was the extent of it. Even Reagan (or at least his advisors) understood the complexities of global situations.

It is interesting to note that Glassman’s article appears on the Bush-Cheney website under the headline "Reagan’s Legacy in Good Hands". Puh-lease. And remember how Democrats were criticized for supposedly turning Paul Wellstone’s memorial into a political rally? Hello?!? The problem here is, of course, even by conservative standards, Bush 43 — the Worst Communicator — is no Ronald Reagan. Not by a long shot.