Supremes On A Roll

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Once again, I think the Supreme Court got it right today. The case is Ashcroft v. ACLU. In a close 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court struck down the latest version of the Child Online Protection Act. This is like the second or third time COPA has come before the Supreme Court, and each time it comes up, it gets struck … Read More

Ruminations of ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ – Part II of II

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Well, shit. Kevin Drum took my Part II point. Almost verbatim. [T]he thing that really struck me about the film was the almost poetic parallellism between its own slanders and cheap shots and the slanders and cheap shots of pro-war supporters themselves over the past couple of years. If Moore had done this deliberately, it would have been worthy of … Read More

More Disgruntled Conservatives Speak Out

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Normally, if a conservative says something anti-Bush, I would pass it on and say that another conservative has left the ranch. But this happens with such frequency, that I am beginning to think that is Bush who has left the conservative ranch. Anyway, today’s discontented conservatives are two heavyweight staples of the right, Jesse Helms (R-N.C) and William F. Buckley: … Read More

The Terrorism Opinions

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The Supreme Court has ruled on three cases involving terrorism detainees. I’ve only browsed the opinions, but one thing is clear: if Bush thinks he can do whatever he wants regarding prisoners by virtue of being a "war president", THAT myth is shattered. That’s not to suggest that Bush got his ENTIRE ass handed to him today. The SCOTUS opinions … Read More

Ruminations of ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ – Part I of II

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Warning: “Fahrenheit 9/11” is a rich film jam-packed with facts, factoids, opinions, interviews, and messages. Unless one recounts every little moment, it is impossible for a review to “spoil” the entire film in a Rosebud-is-his-sled-type manner. Nevertheless, my essay below does reveal certain parts of the film — so if you plan on seeing it and don’t want anything revealed … Read More

The Image To Remember Bush By

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This is Andrew Card telling GWB, on 9/11, about the plane crashing into the World Trade Center. What is remarkable is that Bush had this look for a FULL SEVEN MINUTES before he did anything. Instead, he continued to read to schoolchildren. Many of us have seen the footage of Bush just sitting there, and it is pretty condemning. Hopefully, … Read More

Drum Explains It All

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What is a "lie"? What is a "deception"? What is it that the left accuses the Bush White House of doing? Kevin Drum explains the difference here. Now basically, Bush & Co. — technically speaking — don’t lie . . . usually. I’ll let Kevin explain: Let’s take this statement from Dick Cheney on "Meet the Press" last year: "If … Read More

Oh, Yes You DID!

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Cheney gets busted in another lie. Transcript, CNBC’s “Capital Report,” June 17, 2004: Gloria Borger: “Well, let’s get to Mohammed Atta for a minute, because you mentioned him as well. You have said in the past that it was quote, “pretty well confirmed.” Vice President Cheney: No, I never said that. BORGER: OK. Vice Pres. CHENEY: Never said that. BORGER: … Read More

Orwellian Memo Discovered

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The Washington Post reports about an interesting memo from Republican pollster Frank Luntz. Knowing that how you frame the issues is more important than the issues themselves, Luntz offers Republicans some talking points on phraseology. With voter anxieties about Iraq shadowing this year’s campaign, pollster Frank Luntz has some advice for fellow Republicans: Mind your language. Luntz, according to a … Read More

Cheney Makes Me Sick

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Why do many people think that Iraq may have had something to do with 9/11? Cheney provided the answer today. It’s the media’s fault! That’s right. According to Cheney, the anti-Bush liberal media has been making an argument for war against Iraq that the White House never made. THEN, in the same press conference, Cheney goes on to suggest that, … Read More

Gingko Trees?

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Jonah Goldberg at National Review Online shows what a total imbecile he is in this article. The nut says, in a nutshell, that the Geneva Convention is like a contract. And since al Qaeda didn’t sign the contract, the Geneva Convention doesn’t apply to them. Which means, he says, we should be able to torture AQ. Goldberg’s words: If you … Read More

Bush’s Cheat Sheet

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An alert reader of Atrios saw this picture of Bush from yesterday’s cabinet meeting. He captured and blew up Bush’s notes from the meeting (heh heh). Here they are: As best as I can tell, the left hand page says: "Saddam was a threat . . . sworn enemy of U.S. . . . destabilizing force in volatile part of … Read More

Clinton Haters v Bush Haters

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Chicago Sun-Times reviewer (and Roger Ebert compadre) Richard Roeper loved "Fahrenheit 9/11" (as did some folks at Fox News, by the way). The response was hundreds of vitriolic e-mails. Richard Roeper responds here, making several astute observations about anti-Bush people vs. anti-Clinton people. The money quote: Folks, do you not see the hypocrisy at work here? This makes about as … Read More