Ribbons and Medals

Ken AshfordElection 2004Leave a Comment

I won’t regurgitate the entire manufactured Kerry medals/ribbons "controversy" which the right is all lathered up over. You can get a good sense of the ridiculous claim here.

Basically, it all hinges on the flimsy premise that when Kerry was asked, in 1971, about what he was awarded (in the midst of a discussion about what medals he "gave back"), he failed to make a distinction between medals and ribbons . . . and therefore he is a lying sack of shit and how can we let him be President blah blah blah.

Problem is, the U.S. Military doesn’t make that distinction either. Ribbons can be called medals, and vice versa. Don’t believe me? Go here and here and here and here and here.

Hat tip to Kos for taking the effort to show what a bunch of hacks many on the right can be.