The War on Terror So Far . . .

Ken AshfordIraq, War on Terrorism/TortureLeave a Comment


  • Saddam Hussein out of power
  • Many dead/captured terrorists or Iraqi resistence


  • 550 dead American soldiers
  • 200 dead Spanish citizens
  • Lord knows how many dead innocent Iraqis
  • Lord knows how many wounded
  • No new democracies (just two police states, and a new socialist leader in Spain)
  • Bin Laden still alive
  • al Qaeda still active (obviously)
  • Taliban controls 1/3rd of Afghanistan
  • Coddling of Saudi Arabia (despite its ties to al Qaeda)
  • Coddling of Pakistan (despite admitted nuclear proliferation)
  • U.S. no longer world’s leader — it just has the most guns

You know what? I’m not impressed with Bush’s "toughness" on terrorism.