Bush on Letterman

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The Bush line — which we have heard often — is that we learned on 9/11 how dangerous the world is. And that was why there was a marked shift in Bush’s foreign policy after 9/11. It holds water, except for one problem: David Letterman. In October 2000, presidential candidate George Bush appeared on Lettermen, where they had (in parts) … Read More

Wait! What?!?

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CNN is reporting this: WASHINGTON (CNN) — Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden might be preparing to move from Pakistan to Afghanistan, according to sources with access to the latest U.S. intelligence. U.S. intelligence found signs of a network of al Qaeda couriers and safe houses on the Afghan side of the border, sources said. Such a network could be … Read More

Bad Numbers for Bush

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Yes, it’s waaaay too early. Yes, much can change. But the latest polls show that Bush has the uphill battle, as opposed to Kerry — 57 percent want a change from Bush. The money paragraph from MSNBC: Kerry’s advantage on many key issues was large. The Democrat currently has double-digit advantages over the president as the person best able to … Read More

Plame Affair Gets Interesting

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According to today’s Newsday: WASHINGTON — The federal grand jury probing the leak of a covert CIA officer’s identity has subpoenaed records of Air Force One telephone calls in the week before the officer’s name was published in a column in July, according to documents obtained by Newsday. Also sought in the wide-ranging document requests contained in three grand jury … Read More

It Makes Me Sick . . .

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I recently reported about the new Bush ads here. Now the AP is reporting: Relatives of victims killed in the 11 September 2001 attacks have criticised George W Bush for using images from the tragedy in his campaign advertisements. Some of the families have complained that the images exploit those killed in the attacks and are in poor taste. "It … Read More

Hitler (*Sigh*) Again

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What will it take for people — of both sides — to stop with the Hitler comparisons??? Now comes Rep. Tom Cole (R) saying that a "vote against the re-election of President Bush is like supporting Adolph Hitler during World War Two". Oh, and Osama, too. The press report only quotes Cole verbatim on the Osama quote, but that’s beside … Read More

Speaking of 30 Year Old Quotes . . .

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A former professor of Bush writes: At Harvard Business School, thirty years ago, George Bush was a student of mine. I still vividly remember him. In my class, he declared that "people are poor because they are lazy." He was opposed to labor unions, social security, environmental protection, Medicare, and public schools. To him, the antitrust watch dog, the Federal … Read More

Strange Meeting

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The Washington Post is reporting that Tuesday (March 2), Bush had "an unusual 80-minute session in the Oval Office with five network correspondents who agreed that his comments would not be directly quoted or attributed to him." Unusual indeed. First of all, Bush was willing to devote a full 20 minutes more to chewing the fat with these reporters than … Read More

Kay to Prez – “Come Clean”

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Looks like David Kay is getting more and more peeved with the administration. David Kay, the man who led the CIA’s postwar effort to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, has called on the Bush administration to "come clean with the American people" and admit it was wrong about the existence of the weapons. In an interview with the … Read More

Because Mickey Might Expose Himself?

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Without comment, this: Disney Removes Statue Inspired By Janet Jackson ORLANDO, Fla. — The Walt Disney Co. has quietly shelved a life-size statue of Mickey Mouse inspired by singer Janet Jackson, who was roundly criticized for a risque Super Bowl halftime performance. The 6-foot, 700-pound statue was one of 75 unveiled at Walt Disney World in Orlando last fall to … Read More

New Bush Ads

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You can see them here. It’s pointless for me to review them objectively (as I originally intended). I can’t possibly be objective. But I would be interested to know what Bush supporters think. I’m even more interested to know what independents think (do these ads reach out to you or not?) It’s clear that Bush is (for now) going for … Read More

Kerry’s VP

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So now the guessing game begins. Edwards? Dean? Gore? McCain? (Kucinich???) The most interesting potential nominee I’ve heard discussed is Clinton. No, not Hillary. I’m talking ’bout Bill. A couple of potential stumbling blocks: the 12th and 22nd Amendments, which read (respectively, in relevant part): But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that … Read More

Tell Me Something I DON’T Know . . .

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A recent Knight-Ridder investigation concluded: The administration’s case on ties between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda relied on intelligence that was weaker than that on Iraq’s illegal weapons programs. The article linked above discusses some of the "evidence" that has been paraded about (here and elsewhere) purporting to show the alleged connection between Iraq and al Qaeda. Yes, this too, … Read More

Physician, Heal Thyself!

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Dr. Paul Cameron is the founder of the Family Research Institute, and is cited often and reverently by the anti-gay (and anti-gay marriage) crowd. Recently, he opined on what was at stake in the present controversy. His belief is that in a few generations, homosexuality will become the dominant form of sexual behavior. Some selected quotes, based on his "research": … Read More