New Rule (with Apologies to Bill Maher)

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Politicians cannot engage in political humor, if they don’t know what’s funny.

At last night’s Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association 60th annual dinner, Bush presented a series of slides:

A recurring joke involved photos of the president in awkward positions — bent over as if he’s looking under a table, leaning to look out a window — accompanied by remarks such as "Those weapons of mass destruction must be somewhere!" and "Nope, no weapons over there!" and "Maybe under here?"

From WaPo.

As has been noted here, "Bill Buckner doesn’t get to joke about the 1986 World Series (at least, among a lot of Bostonians). O.J. Simpson doesn’t get to joke about Ron and Nicole. Bush doesn’t get to joke about the lack of WMD in Iraq."

Why not? Ask the families of the two American soldiers who died in Iraq yesterday if they find Bush’s antics funny.

[To be fair, other things that Bush did were (arguably) humorous. But the point is that making light of one’s own bone-headed rationale and/or intelligence failures that resulted in close to 600 G.I. deaths, is amazingly inappropriate and insensitive. And that’s true even if you believe that Bush shouldn’t be held responsible for the lack of WMD in Iraq].