Fun With Anagrams

Ken AshfordBush & Co., Election 2004Leave a Comment

Bush’s campaign Slogan: "Steady Leadership in a Time of Change"

Rearranging the letters of gives us (among many others):

Megadeath and hyperfine socialites.
Sleepyhead or significant meathead.
Speedily, nation’s magic featherhead.
I’m a hypertense, death-dealing fiasco.
I am a disheartened pig-face. Honestly!
I am a healthy, depressing defecation.
I am a tone-deaf, highly-paid erectness.
I am a deathless deafening hypocrite.
He is the friendly scapegoat idea man.
Death penalty as far-seeing homicide.
Deafened, hypermagical hesitations.
Oafishly degenerated manic ape shit.
Oafishly indecent pig’s ear meathead.
Arch-foe, pleasing, headiest dynamite.
Adoringly chief, speediest anathema.
Fiendish, greedy, poetical anathemas.
Greedy, cheapish, national defeatism.
Fleeting hypocrite ass-head idea man.
Health! ignominy defecates paradise.
Arch-foe dismayed; inelegant ape shit.
Impeding safe Election day heat rash.
Fiendishly as the demoniac great ape.

Yes, yes — childish and silly. But fun. Thanks to the folks at anagram server. (I was going to do Kerry’s slogan, but I don’t think he has one yet.)