Gary Bauer Prefers Unbridled (get it?) Gay Promiscuity

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Gary Bauer, in explaining his opposition to gay marriages, gives this as one of the reasons why states should ban it: More importantly, however, the government has an obligation to promote public policy that is best for the general welfare and to discriminate against behaviors that adversely impact society and public health. Tobacco use is heavily regulated by the state … Read More

Maybe They Should Drop 3,000 Balloons, Too?

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The Hill reports on the GOP plans for their national convention in NYC. Among the many gaudy ideas (e.g., rotating stages that come up from underground) is this sickening one — "Or, and this is a real possibility, we could see President Bush giving his acceptance speech at Ground Zero," he added. "It’s clearly a venue they’re considering." Via Calpundit … Read More

Would You Care to Elaborate, Mr. President?

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Last month, President Bush spoke with Argentine President Nestor Kirchner at a summit meeting in Monterrey, Mexico. Kirchner told Bush that all but one of the Argentine delegates to the summit meeting were imprisoned during the military dictatorship. Bush responded, "I was a prisoner too, but for bad reasons." Aside from being a dumb thing to say (was Bush implying … Read More

Start Your Engines . . .

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I realize that the White House wants the "NASCAR Dad" vote, but this is ridiculous . . . especially when you compare it to the other "guests" they’ve had. Hat tip to Josh Marshall.

Thought Experiment

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On a particular listserv I follow, the following wonderful questions were posed: (1) Is it fair to say that all single adults have a fundamental right to marry? (2) If so, do biologically transgendered folks (those that have mixed genders — not those that opt to surgically or hormonally change their gender) have a right to marry? (3) If so, … Read More

The New Culture War

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Let’s take stock, shall we? Uproar about breasts on TV, films which are (arguably) anti-Semitic, Howard Stern being fired because his boss has a new "decency" policy, and debate about whether or not straight people should have to sit still while gays sanctify their lifelong devotion to one another. Not too long ago, I made a comment to the effect … Read More

Supremes Get It Right

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Court rejects tax-funded religious scholarships The Supreme Court, in a new rendering on separation of church and state, voted Wednesday to let states withhold scholarships from students studying theology. The court’s 7-2 ruling held that the state of Washington was within its rights to deny a taxpayer-funded scholarship to a college student who was studying to be a minister. That … Read More

President Confused

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As reported here and elsewhere, Bush is finally going to announce his support for the Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. McClellan, briefing reporters at the White House, said the president wants to end "growing confusion" that has arisen from court decisions in Massachusetts, and San Francisco’s permitting more than 3,000 same sex unions. "The president believes it is important to … Read More

Oscar 2004 Public Service

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Some people care — others don’t care at all — and still others care only to the extent that they might win the office pool. It is to this third group that I offer these predictions. I’ve won my office pool 3 out of the last 5 years, tied for second once, and a disturbing 6th in 2000 (roughly 25-30 … Read More

R.I.P. Moral Majority?

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Daily Kos blogger DHinMI has interesting thoughts on social conservatism in America. Just look at the record. Since the early 1990’s the Supreme Court has upheld both Roe v Wade and the use of affirmative action in college admissions, and it struck down state sodomy laws. More children attend day care than ever. More women work out of the home … Read More

Nader to Reveal Decision Sunday on NBC

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Oh, Lord. Just what Bush (and maybe more than a few Deaniacs?) is praying for. Ralph Nader will announce Sunday whether he will make another run for the White House, but all signs indicate the consumer advocate plans to jump into the race as an independent. Read about it here.

Greg Crist Embarrassment Watch

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Yeah, I didn’t know who he is either. It turns out he’s the spokesmen for the House Republican Conference. Here’s what he’s quoted as saying recently: "Democrats are practicing a questionable form of politics in attacking something that is law." Boneheaded or what? Gee, I guess that means Republicans can’t attack abortion, or re-define the legal definition of marriage for … Read More

The Eggheads Speak . . .

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In my view, this is pretty bad. The Union of Concerned Scientists has released a report entitled: "Scientific Integrity in Policymaking: An Investigation Into The Bush Administration’s Misuse of Science". The report concludes: 1. There is a well-established pattern of suppression and distortion of scientific findings by high-ranking Bush administration political appointees across numerous federal agencies. These actions have consequences … Read More

Something for the Tinfoil Hat Crowd . . .

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If I were still ten, I would be all over this story. Now I’m just amused. Especially at the idea that somewhere on this planet, as I type this, there is somebody gloating because his authoritative work — ""A History of Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Oral Health" — was referenced in today’s Washington Post. The Post story notes the 50th anniversary … Read More